Take Two

A big thanks to everyone who took part in this - you all did awesome!! We might make another challenge sometime - but probably a shorter one!

For those who don't know...
A girl with some clothes, From L&P to English Tea, and I decided to make our own 31 day nail art challenge, which took place in December 2012! We nick-named it "Take Two."
Here's what we came up with!

Here are all the lovely nail artists who took part in this challenge!

Thanks to Somewhere over the Polish rainbow for helping with so much of the Take Two linking system!

My post links 
Here are all the nails I did for this challenge! You'll also find links to others who did that day's challenge in the middle of each post. Enjoy!

Day 1 - Inspired by a band 
(Missy Higgins)
Day 2 - Flag Nails 
Day 3 - Inspired by your country 
Day 4 - Flowers 
Day 5 - Cartoon Theme 
(The Simpsons)
Day 6 - Inspired by an animal 
(Fish scene)
Day 7 - Black and white nails 
(Watermarbled + dots)
Day 8 - Polka Dots 
Day 9 - Inspired by your location 
(Auckland Skytower)
Day 10 - Inspired by a native plant 
(Pohutukawa tree)
Day 11 - Tribal Print 
(Intricate tribal pattern!)
Day 12 - Half Moons
(2 designs - half suns and purple and silver half moons)
Day 13 - Inspired by an artwork
(Pukeko nails)
Day 14 - Inspired by the Supernatural
(Vampire fangs)
Day 15 - Inspired by a book
(Scarface Claw)
Day 16 - Metallic
Day 17 - Match your outfit nails
(Owl PJs)
Day 18 - Inspired by a song
(Diamonds are a girl's best friend)
Day 19 - Rainbow nails
(Rainbow stripes)
Day 20 - Inspired by an emotion
(Smiley faces)
Day 21 - Galaxy nails
(End of the world nails!)
Day 22 - Gradient
(Blue to Dark Blue)
Day 23 - Inspired by Fashion
Day 24 - Birthday Theme
Day 25 - Christmas Theme
Day 26 - Watermarbled
(Failed pink, blue and white watermarble lol)
Day 27 - Movie Theme
(Anastasia nails!)
Day 28 - Education Theme
(Chalkboard nails)
Day 29 - Money Nails
(Money bags)
Day 30 - Food Theme
(Strawberry nails + tutorial)
Day 31 - New Years Theme
(Fireworks + 2013)


  1. Is there a way to include that list of links tool in our blog posts too, rather than listing everybody else out who is participating?

    1. Good idea! I'll ask Anjali and get back to you and add the info to this post.

    2. Amber, it's there now - should work! :)

    3. Got it! Great, thanks! I started drafted some challenge posts so I can add it to the end of all of them!

  2. not trying to be cheaky, but you can get the code from here http://agirlwithsomeclothes.blogspot.co.nz/p/blog-page_24.html

    (if you want it before Jessie has a chance to update her page)

  3. At the end of each challenge post do we use the same blog hop link or a new one specific to the challenge?

    1. I've been thinking about that... it'd definitely be better to just have a blog hop to the people doing that day's design. I'll ask the others and we'll see if we can sort something out :)

    2. Is that why the linky tool is expired?

    3. AHHH! No! At least I think not! I'll get back to you, hopefully we'll get it completely organised this week since it's almost December (when did THAT happen?)

    4. I know, December is creeping up way too fast. I have blogged 2/3 of the challenge already and have scheduled them for the right day. Is it possible to get some of the days' links in advance. I will be gone the week of Christmas, so I really need those ones early if at all possible. :)

    5. Wow you're good, I haven't even started, haha I'll be busy! Yup, I'm planning to do something like that - gimme a couple of days and I'll make a new post on my blog about Take Two. I'll probably schedule the whole month even if nothing's in the posts yet so I can get the link.

    6. I knew Decmeber was going to be crazy for me, so I wanted to get as many done in advance as I could. Weekends were my best time to work on it. :)

  4. What's happened to the linky tools? :(

    1. They wanted $$$ :(. There's an update about it here: http://nailedit1.blogspot.co.nz/2012/11/important-take-two-update.html
      You can add your blog to the new one now though!

  5. Hi, I'm in on this challenge :) I am a totaly newbie, so hopefully my efforts won't be too embarrassing! I've never done anything like this before so if I stuff up the links etc, please let me know... Does the code above get added to every post? By the way I am Suey, a kiwi living in Australia x

    1. I'm sure they'll be fine! I tried to click on your profile but it hasn't been shared publicly yet so I don't know if you've done it right... and I can't follow you! Let me know when you've fixed it and I will :)

  6. Oh how do I fix it? sorry for the noob-ness xox

    1. Oops sorry, I forgot to reply to this! I'm not 100% sure, but check your settings, it should be in there somewhere.

  7. Hey not sure what code we should use for the daily posts - is the sign up code OK? Please let me know if it should be different, I can edit my post if need be :) xox

    1. I'll publish a new one each day at the end of my post - first one is here! :)

    2. Got it, thanks :) Any chance we could get them in advance so we don't need to wait for your post? xox

    3. Yup, I'll just send them out to whoever wants them. Email me and I'll attach them to my reply - my email addy is under the contact me tab :).
      I'm going to try do the nails the day before and get them to publish at about 9am NZ time, which is still the previous day for the northern hemisphere so hopefully I'll be organised enough!

  8. I was just browsing your blog and about to write to your that you make a really good job on those nails, when I sow this, and I adore it! I so wanna do it, but I can't even think of changing my nail arts every single day, and for so many days!
    Anyhow, I am subscribing to this blog and hope to see you in my new one about my new born passion for nail art. Never thought of inventing my own designs though..till now..

    1. Thank you! It is pretty exhausting changing them every day, I must say. Thanks, and I have!

  9. Thank you for getting the other links up, I have everything finished in advance and can leave for vacation and still keep the updates! You are awesome and I am so grateful for the chance to learn and try new things. I have had soooooo much fun!

    1. You're welcome, good job! I finished early too :) YOU are awesome, thanks for doing our challenge! Hope you have a great time on vacation.


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