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I'm Jessie, a twenty-somthing from a beautiful country in the South Pacific called New Zealand. In early 2012, after over 20 years of having a paintbrush in my hand, I discovered nail art. It's fair to say that it's changed my life; I've had so many exciting opportunities that I would never have had otherwise and have met some inspiring people, both online and offline.

I have now qualified as a nail technician and live in Auckland with my husband, Chris. I've recently released my own nail art brush line - I hope you love it as much as I do! Check it out here.

Over the years Nailed It NZ has moved from a blog to a YouTube channel, so to keep up with my latest work I encourage you to subscribe to me there - it's free!

Thanks for visiting!


  1. Gorgeous fellow Polishaholic, you’ve been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award. <3 You can find your nomination here: http://beyondthebasecoat.wordpress.com/2013/02/20/my-first-award/

  2. You are so welcome!

  3. hi~ Jessi Im Rony from south korea

    I really want to work in ur country

    can I do??? Ive been working as a nail artist for 5 years and harf

    www.sara9sara9.blog.me <==check my nailart those are all about Gel nails and please send me some reply E-mail: korean.lee@hotmail.com thank u!

    1. Haha, sorry but I'm really not the person to ask! We certainly do have nail technicians in New Zealand but you'd have to talk to someone in immigration about moving here :).

  4. Hi, Jessie! :-)

    You are a beautiful, brave, daring and very talented young lady and whenever I read the things that you write I feel a huge energy coming from your words... and I like it! :-)
    In life, people have to work hard and to have big plans for their future :-) I read about your plans, I follow your works and I'm sure that one day I will see that your plans and your dreams came true! Way to go, girl! :-)

    When I read your answer on "How often do I paint my nails?", it made me smile, oh how I understand what you mean! :-) I paint my nails every day if don't have to work double shift and this hobby of mine is a great pleasure for me. So, when girls/women tell me that they would paint their nails but they don't have free time to do it, sometimes it sounds like "oh, lucky you, you have so much free time, you can play with your nail polishes all day long..." and I feel to reply a little bit "hard" so many of them feel like "offended" with my answer and luckily many of them tell me "Oh, you're right!" :-) I don't tell them nothing particularly "hard", I just tell them something like you wrote here: I really do not have so much free time, sometimes I have to work all day long and in the evening I'm dead, ready to take a shower and go to bed; I have a husband, home to keep clean, cooking, washing, ironing and all kind of things that must be done; but, I'm very careful of how I use my free time, so instead of watching some insignificant soap opera (or stalking my ex or sleeping in...) I adore painting my nails... and while I do it I can still hear the news on TV, or listen to the radio... Yes, it's the truth: I make the time for my nails! :-)

    Oh, sorry for this comment, too long :-) I guess I just wanted to tell you that I admire you and I wish you all the best! Follow all your dreams and I wish that all of them come true! :-)

    1. This made my day, THANK YOU! <3 One day, I will go to Italy and give you a big hug (and maybe some nail polish).

    2. ...You deserve it! :-)
      Well, I live in a little town, there's nothing really very interesting to see here (except the Adriatic Sea), and those big, famous italian towns are not close to my town, but if you come close to here one day I'd be glad to meet you and organize a little afternoon nail art meeting! :-)
      Immagine my post the day after your visit "..Yesterday I had a quiet little afternoon with Jessie from Nailed It NZ. She made a little jump over here from New Zealand to do some nail art together..." :-)
      Oh, now I remembered... I could take you to see some of our touristic attractions like our old city, the castel, lighthouse and.... Kiko nail polish shop! :-) :-) Interested? :-)

    3. That would be SO cool. I have a friend who lives in Rome, so that's two reasons to visit! It's top of my travel list ;).

  5. Hi, I just wondering where do u qualified? ��

  6. Hi I just wondering where do u qualified cause I do want to go to there for study but I have been looking for study nail art technician for ages in New Zealand but I couldn't find one. Thank u


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