Galaxy Drips + 20% Off Nail Art Brushes!

A new week, a new manicure!

After months of having "drip nails" on my to-do list, I finally gave them a shot. I hadn't done galaxy nails in this style before, so after googling some inspiration I decided to put my own take on it. And wow - they were more challenging than I imagined! I sponged part of it and painted on the rest, trying to keep within the confines of the drips. As you can see, this worked out on some areas better than others... plus I changed up the final look quite a few times before settling on this one. So, painting it on was a bit of a mission and quite time-consuming, as I did both hands.

That wasn't the most frustrating part, though...

As a bit of background, I've been having trouble for the last year with my nail polish cracking (not just chipping) within 24 hours of application. This takes a fair bit of the fun out of nail art, as my nails simply don't last. So far I've found two brands that last longer (Sally Hansen Color Therapy and Picture Polish), but I've put the problem down to, well, an occupational hazard. 

From Monday-Thursday I'm an early childhood teacher and work with our youngest children, the under-twos. This means I wash my hands many times a day... and all that excess water is soaking into my nail bed, evaporating out, and leaving the nail more brittle and the polish less adhered. I apply cuticle oil twice a day, but it's just a bit too much water and soap to fight against. I'll let you know what happens there in the long run.

The point here, is that I try to minimise using other brands that I know don't last. This isn't always possible, however, as I usually need quite specific colours, and with just two brands being my friend, it doesn't usually work out. This was definitely the case here. I used such a combination of polishes, trying to get it right, that it ended up really being too thick and after a day or two of wear they just peeled off!

Oops. At least they were fun while they lasted.

So that was my little adventure into galaxy drip land - one I'd like to repeat some day with this experience in mind!

A quick note before I go - I currently have 20% at my nail art store, just for this weekend only. In case you're not aware, I sell the nail art brushes I use for my art, and also supply two different types of nail files. I ship internationally and love seeing pictures of what you guys create with them!

Thanks for swinging by and I hope you have a good weekend! I'm off on a little holiday, starting Monday. Hubby and I are going to a bach in the middle of nowhere - there's not even any cell phone reception. It's going to be amazing to be pretty much off the grid for a few days ☺.

See you next week,