Friday, 8 September 2017

Galaxy Drips + 20% Off Nail Art Brushes!

A new week, a new manicure!

After months of having "drip nails" on my to-do list, I finally gave them a shot. I hadn't done galaxy nails in this style before, so after googling some inspiration I decided to put my own take on it. And wow - they were more challenging than I imagined! I sponged part of it and painted on the rest, trying to keep within the confines of the drips. As you can see, this worked out on some areas better than others... plus I changed up the final look quite a few times before settling on this one. So, painting it on was a bit of a mission and quite time-consuming, as I did both hands.

That wasn't the most frustrating part, though...

As a bit of background, I've been having trouble for the last year with my nail polish cracking (not just chipping) within 24 hours of application. This takes a fair bit of the fun out of nail art, as my nails simply don't last. So far I've found two brands that last longer (Sally Hansen Color Therapy and Picture Polish), but I've put the problem down to, well, an occupational hazard. 

Sunday, 3 September 2017


I'm a bit late to the party, but on Facebook a while ago there were a tonne of sparkly nails going around. Not just a little glittery - but magical, glimmering beams of joy coming from the tips of people's fingers. Everyone was amazed - even when they found out that 90% of the sparkle came from using an app. I've downloaded said app (it's called kirakira+) and at the end of this post have a video showing what it does.

Sparkle nails (sans app).

The point of these nails was to create the most sparkly, over-the-top nails possible, so I could use the app to it's full advantage. I feel like I ticked that box pretty well! I liked them for about 45 seconds, and then spent the next week or two regretting that I did them in gel polish. Fun, yes, but a tad tacky.