Crayon Nail Art | Inspired by Crayola

 I've been tagged in so many Crayon/Crayola nails lately! This design links two key parts of my life - nail art and teaching, so many of my friends have noticed that and shared them with me. Of course, I had to try them for myself.

They are by no means my original design - I'm not sure who created them first. When I do a search thousands of designs come up - so if anyone knows who initially did these please let me know so I can credit them!

As you will know if you read this post on Facebook, I'm no longer making weekly YouTube tutorials, and instead will be alternating between picture tutorials, mini video tutorials and just the nails themselves. I haven't made a picture tutorial for years before this one, and quite enjoyed it! The problem I've had in the past is that people will come along and crop out all of my watermarking and claim it as their own. I'm now using a Nailed It NZ mat, which hopefully will help prevent against this in the future - although I need to re-position my nail to a part where the text is smaller next time!

These are really quite a simple design, but bear in mind the squiggle is harder than it looks. Doing all ten nails is quite time-consuming, so make sure you set aside at least an hour, and use a good, thin nail art brush.

 I used two different shades of the same colour for the french tip look, and don't worry if they're not quite the same hue. That was something I was a bit worried about, particularly with the green, but it all looked fine in the end. 


I did the right hand for these too, which of course took a bit longer!  

These would be a great design for kids - first day back at school, or maybe first day of the holidays. If you didn't want to do every finger you could choose your favourite nail and make it a feature nail, instead.

I used my Nailed It NZ brushes for these - the striping brush, detail brush and clean up brush. You can buy them here.

I hope you like this colourful little mani and I'll be back next weekend with some more nail art. Also - let me know, what do you think of the picture tutorial? Anything you would change about it?



  1. Really nice and cheerful manicure! :-) I think that the picture tutorial is just fine like it is! :-)


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