Five Years of Nailed It NZ | 20% off Nail Art Brushes + NEW NAIL ART!

 Hey guys - I just realised it's the last few days of my five year celebrations and I haven't mentioned it on the blog! I've been talking about it a lot over on YouTube and Facebook; May marks five years since I started Nailed It NZ. Right here on this platform, too ☺. Crazy to see how far it's come since then - and there's more on the way, I promise!

I won't waffle on - but in case you've been thinking about buying my nail art brush line, I currently have a really good sale on. 20% off all stock, no minimum order - just pop in the code BIRTHDAYSALE at checkout to get your discount. Also, if you order with a friend you can get free shipping - all orders over $40 get free shipping worldwide.

The sale ends tomorrow though, so if you're wanting some head over to now and I'll send them out to you ASAP.

I ship internationally and you can read a bit more about Nailed It NZ here, and see our FAQ's here.

 Now, on to the nail art!

As part of the birthday celebrations I recreated three of my oldest designs and made them into tutorials. All are really simple to do ☺. Here we have these little blue monsters, before and after.

Seriously, could I have at least TRIED to avoid the cuticles?


Next there's this heartstings design - a long-term favourite!


And of course, here's the before and after of these cute little cows. Always simple and SO cute!


I've also recently made a video about how I fixed my nail when it broke - it was a nasty one! As you'll see in the video, the fix lasted until the nail grew out, almost two weeks later.

 There's plenty more nail art to update you with, but I'll just leave you with three of my favourites from the last month or two. All other tutorials can be found on my YouTube channel.

Realistic Marble Nail Art

Wonder Woman Nail Art

Geode Nail Art

Thanks for checking in and I'll see you around.