Nail Art Mash Up #2 - Cookie Monster, How to Make your Nail Polish Last Longer & more!

I suppose it must be time for another round up of my latest tutorials - it's been a while! I've had a busy last few months; four weeks on practicum and then another few weeks of doing a crazy amount of assignments. I've just had a week and a half of lovely holidays, but unfortunately they're almost over and it's back to study. While I love early childhood, I am dreading going back to the heavy workload of my graduate diploma... six months until I finish! 

I've filmed a lot of tutorials over the last week and am just bursting to put them online. I always get like this when I'm ahead, but am forcing myself to stagger them so I have something there for weeks when I'm too busy to film. Tutorials that are up, however, are these ones!

I had some gems and rhinestones sent to me by Rhinestonz, and was amazed at the superior quality; previously I had assumed they were all the same. I made a video about how to apply rhinestones - and importantly, how to make them last! I hope you'll find it useful; just click on the picture to go to the tutorial. 

 Cookie Monster is a long term childhood favourite of mine, and when I was on practicum I wanted to create some nails that the kids would love. So, these were born! I was pretty happy with how Cookie Monster turned out, and plan to do some other characters from Sesame Street soon. I made a couple of little videos for these on Instagram, and was stoked when a bunch of huge accounts shared them! 


 This video is all about how to make your nail polish last longer, and it's packed with tried-and-true tips I've learnt from my experience as a nail tech and the three years I've been obsessed with nail art. Isopropyl alcohol made such a huge difference for me - it honestly changed the way I do nail art. Again, just click on the picture to go to the tutorial.

This next tutorial was a little different. Months ago, I was approached by Constance, a lovely lady who asked if I could create some nail art to spread awareness of a rare disease called Evan's Syndrome. I read up a bit about it, and it confirmed that I'd love to do anything I can to let people know about it. Together we put together this video, which I hope will teach you something new! You can also, of course, adapt this design to make it suit another cause.

 This is my most recent tutorial - prom nail art. However, it can be used for a variety of occasions - parties, new year, school balls and many more. It's the shortest and simplest nail art tutorial I've done for a while!

 This is a random little arty design that I came up with one day, and had a bit of fun with. Nails that join together to make a design are my favourite! I called these Art Attack nails, and you can find them here.

Another tutorial filmed while on practicum was this one - unicorn nail art (in space, of course). One little girl really loved ponies, so I came up with this, which the children loved. You can watch the tutorial here.

These last two videos aren't nail ones; this first one is the "Not my arms Challenge" which I filmed with my friend Bridgitte from EyeDolize makeup. This was a long time ago now - it took awhile to get the footage and edit it! Bridgitte is actually staying with me at the moment as she starts her very exciting trip around the world, so she's here with us in New Zealand for a month. There are sure to be more videos from us during that time! You can watch the "Not my arms Challenge" here.

 Finally, here's a clothing haul I did a few weeks ago - I wanted to compare a bunch of different brands and see how they stacked up. You can watch this video here!

 Phew! That's a lot of videos. I'll try remember to do this monthly, especially with all the exciting tutorials I've got coming up. If you're not following me on Instagram you can find me @naileditnz - I have released sneak peeks of all the nail art I've done recently ☺.

See you in a month or so!


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