The Walking Dead Nail Art | Zombie Sophia

My brother's a big fan of The Walking Dead, and he introduced my me and my husband to it a few years ago. From memory, we've only seen the first three seasons, but I've done a fair bit of googling as to what has happened more recently. It's so graphic and disgusting, yet completely addictive! Once we're more settled I'm keen to pick them up again. We've just moved to our third house since November... in total we'll be in six different places in three months - exhausting, to say the least! 

The Walking Dead nail art has been requested a few times, and when it was more recently it was perfect timing. I based the zombie off little Sophia, which ended up making me feel a bit sick half-way through... so icky! It was a good challenge though, and heaps of fun to paint.

Of course, I made a tutorial for this and you can watch it here, or below. Please subscribe to my channel, it helps me out heaps!

While I didn't get the facial detail perfect, I'm pretty happy with it; considering the size of the canvas. I'm hoping to do some more nail art with this level of detail soon, but perhaps have the subject matter a little less... well, dead. If you've got a request, leave it in the comments!

I don't seem to have written a list of the polishes I used for this, probably because there were too many and I mixed a lot of them anyway. If you're really curious about a certain colour, let me know and I'm sure I can figure it out.

I'd love to do some more Walking Dead nail art one day, but featuring some of the main characters instead. Rick would be the obvious choice, and Shane could provide an interesting contrast.

I hope you like these slightly creepy Walking Dead nails, and found the tutorial interesting to watch - I think it's the first time I've showed the whole process of painting a portrait on to my nails. I've got a really cool tutorial coming next week that I cannot WAIT to upload!


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