Meghan Trainor - Lips Are Movin Nail Art + Tutorial

I loved doing (and wearing) these nails. They were inspired by the music video to "Lips Are Movin" by Meghan Trainor, which (like All About That Bass) is very colourful and bright, with plenty of inspiration for themed nail art. The lips were undoubtedly my favourite nail!

I filmed a tutorial for it too, which you can watch here and below. Please subscribe to my channel - it's free ☺.

I haven't had much experience with lips nail art before, so was a little hesitant to do this; but I surprised myself! The ring finger turned out pretty well, and I was happy enough with the little black lips on the pinky and thumb nails as well.

The nail polishes I used were:
Essie - I'm Addicted
Jordana - Black
Nicole by OPI - Please Red-Cycle
OPI - Kiss Me On My Tulips
Sinful Colors - Snow Me White

I did this manicure on both hands, and it was one of those rare occasions where the nail art on the other hand turned out slightly better. If you look closely, you'll see that the lips on the right hand are more accurate to the inspiration.

Here's another shot of that hand.

I hope you like these nails as much as I do! They're my favourite of 2015 so far, although I still do like my Walking Dead ones. I'm fairly certain this is the last tutorial I've made with my squoval nails, by the way; I recently filed them into an oval shape. I filmed the process and soon will be uploading a video about how to file your nails into three popular shapes. 

Doing this design made me think of Miley Cyrus and all her tongue action, so I expect these nails will get a revival some time this year and will be recreated in a Miley-ish way. You've been warned!

Hope you're having a good day and 2015 is going well for you. Our big move across the country is so close now! The suspense is getting a tad unbearable, but we are having a lovely relaxed summer besides that. Chris' brother got married yesterday and it was beautiful... but made me a bit worried about the next wedding! I'm a bridesmaid in a few weeks and if yesterday's wedding was anything to go by, I'll be at the front blubbing my eyes out in front of everyone when she walks down the isle... I'll try to keep it together!



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  2. They're such a fun graphic and fun!


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