Thursday, 27 November 2014

Gold Leopard Print | Nail Art Tutorial on YouTube

Leopard print was one of the first nail art designs I tried, and it's been a long term favourite ever since. It's perfect for those days when you want something pretty, but don't have hours and hours free to do it. I decided to make a tutorial for how to do this, as it's really easy and good for beginners - plus it's one of the most rewarding designs at this level! Here's how the nails turned out.

I just used three polishes for this design:
Nicole by OPI - Carrie'd away (That's the gold background)
OPI - You Don't Know Jacques!
Revlon - Black Lingerie

Here's the tutorial, and please subscribe to my channel - coming pretty close to the big 10k now!

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Lewis Road Creamery | Chocolate Milk Nails

There's a new obsession in New Zealand. 
On the first of October 2014, Lewis Road Creamery released their new product - Fresh Chocolate Milk. It has become a huge deal! In fact, I'd say it's on par with Marmageddon, which happened a couple of years ago. Lewis Road Creamery's Fresh Chocolate Milk is, according to their website, "an indulgent chocolatey treat that combines Lewis Road’s Premium Whole Milk with Whittaker’s 5 Roll Refined Creamy Milk Chocolate, to deliver a delicious, velvety chocolate milk like no other." 
Sounds great.

The problem is, it's near impossible to get a hold of. As Lewis Road is a relatively small Kiwi business they don't have the means to produce as much as New Zealanders are demanding, and when the milk is delivered it sells out within 15 minutes. Supermarkets are applying limits as to how many each person can buy, and I even saw a picture of a dairy re-selling is for $15 - cheeky! Naturally, the media have caught a wind of this and since then it seems the whole of the country is on a Chocolate Milk hunt. 

I've been keeping an eye out for it when getting my groceries for a few weeks, but recently I decided to give it a real try. I often walk with my husband to his work, which is just down the road from a supermarket. His starting time also normally ties in quite nicely with the supposed milk delivery time, so I had high hopes of grabbing one the first time I went in.

On a Tuesday, I entered the supermarket and made a beeline for the chilled section. Once it was in sight, I slowed my pace and walked ever-so-casually past the cabinet, inwardly cringing at the fact I was only there because the media told me to be... I wasn't one of those people, was I? I glanced in, and quickly realised there wasn't a bottle in sight. Without stopping, I attempted to smoothly walk through the rest of the chilled section, and there was a clear moment of "Now What?" I was going to look like a complete idiot if I just strolled on out of there without anything. I ended up buying one red 50 cent K-bar. Totally cool. And such began my milk hunting routine.

I learnt that the deliveries come between 9-10, and so when walking with Chris the next day, I tried again. Same story, no luck. This time my consolation prize was upped, to a Cookie Crumble ice block.

On the third attempt, I thought I had it sussed. My flatmate, who works at that supermarket, confirmed that the milk delivery is at 10am on a Thursday, and that was the time Chris started work. Perfect. I walked into the supermarket, excited that I could finally see what all the fuss is about. I arrived to a line of people, which just grew longer and longer and longer. For chocolate milk! 

I wandered around the supermarket while I was waiting, grabbing some groceries but circling back to the chilled section. At first the staff said at first it should arrive soon, then told us that it was normally here by now. We crossed our fingers and waited a little longer. It was quite a relaxed, amused atmosphere, I should add; everyone felt a bit silly about the fact they were lining up for the stuff. Most people were talking to each other and making fun of themselves.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Floral Anchor Nail Art + Tutorial

Ages ago, I did some Floral Anchor nail art on myself (scroll down to see it in this blog post), and I had several requests for a tutorial. I've put it off for a while as I've been a bit busy, but when Live4Polish asked if we could do a bestie twin manicure on Instagram, I decided to recreate it and make a tutorial. You can see what she came up with for her version of this theme here! And of course, here's my nail design.

The tutorial is below, and please subscribe to my channel - almost at 9,000 now ☺.

As you can see, on the thumb, index and pinky fingers I applied a stud, which I got from KKCenterHk. I reviewed them ages ago, here, and you can buy them here.
The rest of the polish was a mix of different brands, and the technique to create the roses was really very easy, as you'll see in the video. Just a few swirls! This design was partially inspired by the talented Celine of Celine Does Nails - you can see her design here.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Mockingjay Nail Art Tutorial | The Hunger Games

Yesterday I realised there was only ten days until Mockingjay Part 1 came out - cue much excitement! I'm a little apprehensive about viewing it in the cinemas within the first two week of it's release, though. The first two movies were spoilt for me by obnoxiously loud people talking all the way through... I'm going to sound like the movie voiceover, but "please be considerate of your fellow movie-goers!" Considering I LOVE this series and want to fully enjoy the next one, I might wait until the crowds go through before I see it. If I can hold out that long, that is!

I did some Catching Fire nail art when that movie was released last year, and decided to recreate it in a Mockingjay theme for this year.

The nail design was blue, as you can see, to match the cover of the third book. I did toss up basing it off the promo images for the new movie, but decided it would be too similar to my old design. A new challenge is always good! I made a tutorial for it as well; here it is, and please subscribe to my channel.

I love the flames - they're relatively easy to create while looking so intense and detailed! I like the symbolism behind the flames turning blue, as well. While the fire started in the second book/movie, the third one is when it really burns hot - the uprising turns into something a lot bigger.

I do wonder if The Hunger Games movies would still be so popular if it wasn't for Jennifer Lawrence being in them? I imagine they would be, but to me it's an added bonus that she plays a lead role. She's such an awesome person! I've drawn her a couple of times in recent months, if you're interested; here and here.

Just looking at these pictures makes me want to drop everything and start re-reading the series. SO GOOD.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Taylor Swift's Cats | Nail Art Celebrating 1989!

Out of all the experiences I've had since starting Nailed It NZ, there are two that easily stand out as best. They're not prizes I've won, or celebrities I've met or anything dramatic like that; they're spending one-on-one time with fans. On two occasions, now, I've had a chance to meet someone who's followed me online for a while, and it really is the coolest thing ever. Earlier this year I met Katie, and we went shopping in town for an hour or two - it made my day! And more recently, I met Carwen and did these nails for her. She'd been talking about visiting my little salon for a while, but as she lived 3-4 hours away I wasn't going to hold her to it, especially as she was still in high school and would have to rely on someone else to get her here. But one day I got an email from her, saying that she was coming down to see me and wanted to book an appointment - I'm pretty sure that I was more excited that she was!

When she arrived, she wasn't 100% sure on what she wanted, so we talked a bit to think up an idea that'd be very "her," unique, and worth the drive. We had both discovered online that we were Taylor Swift fans, and so we ended up basing a design off her cats; Meredith and Olivia. They're funny looking, cats, actually, with strange little floppy ears but still completely adorable! Here's a picture of the nails.

And here's another shot that includes some snaps of the cats, so you can compare them.

Carwen came up with the idea of using Taylor's cats as inspiration, and I thought it was genius ☺. As you can see, we also added some roses crawling up three of her other nails, and a super sparkly glitter nail, done using this technique.

Friday, 7 November 2014

How To Press Glitter Into Gel Polish | Tutorial

My latest video teaches you one of my favourite nail tech techniques - how to press glitter into gel polish! It's super simple and easy, but the outcome is incredible. None of these photos capture how brilliant this glitter shines in real life - I'm completely obsessed with this look.

I was taught how to do this at the beginning of 2014, by a local salon. They thought it was funny that I can do crazy complicated nail art yet was completely blown away by this glitter - but seriously, it's amazing ☺.

Here's the tutorial for it, hope you like it and please subscribe!

The photo below gives a bit of an indication of how it shines, but it's still not the same as in person. When I had these nails on it was very distracting... I just wanted to stare at them all day!

I used five different glitters for this design and created an ombre effect across my five fingers. Three of the colours were in little pots that I bought from Born Pretty Store, and two were in larger bottles. which the same store sent to me to review. When choosing glitter for this kind of work, make sure it's really small, otherwise it won't fill in the spaces properly.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Disney Nail Art #7 | Sleeping Beauty & Maleficent

A few weeks ago I watched Maleficent, and absolutely loved it. Angelina Jolie was the perfect actress to play the evil fairy, and I loved hearing the "other side" of the story. I decided to make Maleficent and Sleeping Beauty the next inspirations for my Disney Series. In case you haven't seen any from the series before, in April 2013 I challenged myself to hand-paint nail art based on Disney movies, with the intention of doing each design in as much detail as I possibly could. This is the seventh design, and in the past I've done (in chronological order);

The basic goal of these is to improve my skill; it's very easy to just keep doing art to the same level but I'll never improve that way! I put it off doing these for a while, knowing I'd have to spend a long time on them - and I was right. It took five hours to do both hands, but I'm very happy with the final result ☺.

It was a huge process to create them. There was definitely a point when I thought "okay, I'm a bit over this now!" I considered simplifying it by just doing one of the fairies, however let's be honest, the three of them had to be together. 

I've made a couple of step-by-step picture tutorials for these nails as well, for those who want to know how I did them, and I'll talk you through what I used as inspiration.

As with all my extremely-detailed nail art, I planned out roughly what I wanted first. In the picture below you can see my left hand, and the bottom circles and scribbles on the paper was my plan for it. As you can see, I leave the details for the nails ☺. I initially was going to do this on my right hand, but realised the Maleficent hand would be slightly easier as there are fewer characters on it - and as I'm right handed there was no sense in making it harder for myself.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Skeleton Nail Art & Face Paint - Plus FAMOUS Nails!

A few days ago I painted some skeleton nail art on my nails and posted a picture online. 
Oh. My. God. It blew up the internet. In my two-and-a-half years of nail blogging I have never experienced anything like it. Currently, this picture has 1,700 hearts on We Heart It, 1,000 on Instagram and 500 on Facebook. I got about 1,000 new followers out of it, was featured on Tumblr and heaps of Instagram accounts (including @nails2inspire) reposted it with credit. 
It was nuts, but in a very good way. 

The best part was, that after months and months of constantly making tutorials for other people, I did these purely for ME. Because I wanted to wear them. So to end up with nails I liked plus having half the internet drooling over them, it was a pretty good outcome. It also really reiterated that I'm doing the right thing by focusing on what I love, rather than forcing myself to be a tutorial-making machine. Here's the design!

I had been thinking for a few days about what I wanted to dress up as for Halloween, and how I was going to match my nails to it. I've done a bunch of Halloween designs on YouTube, but I wanted something different; something that I hadn't done before. I was quite keen on a skeleton, and found a bunch of ideas online where the skeleton crossed over two nails - I definitely had to go with that! In the end, the biggest inspiration for those nails was this design by The Nailasaurus. I added a bit more detail to it though, around the hips and the skull and added some cracks across the whole design to make him look more realistic.

 After doing the skeleton, I decided I wanted a Halloween version of French tips on the rest of the nails. I found this cool design to inspire me, but had an absolute nightmare of a time trying to figure out what the name of the blogger was! If you clicked that last link you would have seen that it was very blurry, and seeing what the watermark says is completely impossible. 

However, after about 10 minutes of searching for different sizes of the picture I finally found one of a good enough quality that I could read the little writing on the watermark. Turns out I recreated a design the was a recreation itself! I initially saw A Sassy Conspiracy's photo, and after a bit of searching found that she followed Brush Me Blush's tutorial.

If you're wondering how I did these, I'm afraid I won't be making a tutorial for these any time soon. You can follow this tutorial for the tips though, and all I did extra was to add some fine black lines around the bones to make them look cracked. For the skeleton, I painted on the basic shapes and lines with white them dotted/striped in detail with black polish. They're not that hard, in comparison to my Disney series at least  - that's why I was so surprised they went so viral!

Their cute factor is through the roof, I guess. I've still got these on, and even managed to get away with using acetone on a client's nails this morning without removing any of my nail polish - win!

I only used a few polishes for this design, and they were:
Nicole by OPI - Sheer Fun
Revlon - Black Lingerie
Sinful Colors - Snow Me White

Here's my other hand. I've got a video all about painting your nails using your non-dominant hand if you want some tips.

 Now, on to the face paint! I haven't ever done this before, so wasn't too sure how it'd turn out. I opted for a skeleton, of course. Considering I'm unrecogniseable in photos, I think I did okay!

Chris made himself a Vampire, but one with a tanned neck, haha.

 I have issues with ribs. I added them in last-minute and didn't bother thinking much about their placement or how many there should be. So yeah, lots of ribs. My poor crushed lungs.

Later in the night I got a bit cold, so put on a hoodie. I realised it suited my makeup pretty well! Creepy...

We had heaps of other cool dress ups at our Halloween party last night, it was a really good time. I've never celebrated Halloween before, but this first certainly won't be a last!

Next week I'm planning on doing some Maleficent nail art, which will be part of my Disney series. Can't wait to show you what I come up with!