Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Tutorial | Rainbow Butterfly Nail Art

These are some of my favourite nails ever, and best of all they're not even hard! Butterfly is a design that's been done to death, but I thought they'd be perfect over a rainbow ombre...

...tell me, am I right or am I right? So bright and cheerful. I'd love to do this again with a colour family - light to dark purple, or teal, would look amazing.

Here's the tutorial - please subscribe to my channel ☺.

If you watch the video, you'll see that this tutorial is part of my very first YT collaboration. I'm pretty excited about it! Bridgette runs a channel called EyeDolize Makeup, and she has the most beautiful and creative looks. The best part about her channel is that it's not just every day makeup, it's art. That's like me; while many of my designs aren't what people would like to wear at work and in everyday life, it's the art that draws me - and, as I've learnt, other people - in. It's the art that keeps me passionate and motivated, it's the art that makes it special, it's the art that makes it so "me." Sometimes the fact that it's all done on nails seems almost irrelevant!

You can watch EyeDolize makeup's tutorial for rainbow lips here.

How cool would these lips look paired with these nails?? Watch the tutorial for them here.

Polishes used:
Australis: Hip Hip Hooray
China Glaze: Grape Pop
Jordana: Yellow Mellow, Rich Green, White
Jordana Pop Art: Black Mark
OPI: A Roll in the Hague
Revlon: Indigo Night

Monday, 28 April 2014

Doctor Who Nail Art | Tardis, 11th Doctor, Bad Wolf & Dalek

I just love these. I need to do them on myself at some point - I did these ones on a fellow Doctor Who addict that I met at a party recently. Best part? I was a bit tipsy at the time of doing them, and they still turned out pretty damn awesome ;).

On the right hand we have three galaxy nails (thumb not shown, obviously), the Tardis on the middle finger and Matt Smith's outfit on the index - note the very cool bow tie. The Tardis ended up looking a bit funky, so when I do these on myself I'll try go slower and get the detail better.

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Tortoiseshell Cat Nail Art Tutorial

Hey everyone, I'm about to go away for the weekend so thought I'd leave you with my latest video. Cat nail art tutorials are some of my most requested designs, so I'm going to make a bunch of them, starting with tortoiseshells! I've also got a ginger tabby one filmed which will be up asap ☺

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Here's a bunch of photos - but don't look too hard! These ones definitely look better in real life, as up close photos are so unforgiving...

Polishes used:
Jordana - White, 5th Ave, Sweet Orange, Rich Green.
Revlon - Hot for Chocolate, Electric, Temptress.
Sally Hansen - Without A Stitch
Literary Lacquers - Two at the very most
Maybelline Color Show - Chiffon CHic
Ozotic - Mr Big in White, Mr Big in Black

Monday, 21 April 2014

Sammy Dress Review & Matching Floral Nail Art

Something a bit different today; I didn't use to review clothing, but recently I changed the description in my "contact me" tab saying that I would. I was pretty happy when a short time later I was contacted by Sammy Dress! Communication with the company wasn't exactly the smoothest, but I was surprisingly pleased with the items I received. I'm very honest in my reviews, so I'll tell you everything that happened. 

They asked me to choose a few things, so I did. Then came a long drama of finding things that were in stock - something I found quite annoying and time-consuming. They don't have a note next to the product saying whether it's in stock or not, which is quite a problem (on the upside, their site is very user-friendly and easy to navigate). I ended up just emailing them a list of things that I liked and they told me which ones were in stock. It took about six emails to sort that out. 

Then they wanted me to put their banner up in my sidebar, and I wasn't keen on doing that until I had received the goods and knew that it was a company I wanted to endorse. I said no, they asked again, then again. In the meantime I had done a bit of a background check on the company and found plenty of shocking reviews - based mostly on the quality of the clothing and the long delivery - in some cases the lack of delivery. I told them again that I wasn't going to put their banner up until the items arrived (for all I knew, they wouldn't) and added that if they didn't want to go through with the review it was fine by me.

They gave in to stubborn lil' me and said they'd send the package. 

By this stage I was quite a bit put off them and wishing I hadn't replied to their email. I decided to wait and see what the clothing was like once it arrived, and didn't have high expectations. I wasn't looking forward to writing my first 100% bad review.

But then the clothes arrived... and I love them!!

Just realised I should have probably ironed this before taking photos... oops!

I was actually so shocked. I got two items of clothing; one the cute little dress you see above. It's a gorgeous floaty chiffon dress, and I will be wearing it regularly (even though it's turning into winter - leggings and cardigan it is!). Floral patterns are my favourite, and I decided to copy the design on to my nails.

I loved the nails, too! More photos of them coming soon.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

The Nail School Diaries | Week 6, 7 & 8

I'm back with the Nail School Diaries, finally! Life is busy and crazy and full of nails. As I haven't done an update in three weeks, there's quite a lot to say. I've got a heap of pictures, and a heap of information so I'll explain each picture and add a bunch of interesting facts at the end of the post.

I passed my first assignment! And all the others so far. Yay!

I'm still walking to nail school. Not every day, but most! Unfortunately it's quite far away and by the time I get there I'm slightly sticky and out of breath. I've got a little ritual going where I get there, rush into the toilets and get my sh** together. This means changing from my bright pink-and-blue sneakers into more socially (and salon) acceptable shoes, applying some face powder and turning off my music (beaty Pink songs aren't really salon music). I generally get into the classroom just as it's starting and off we go.

A few weeks ago I was selling heaps of my nail polish, and the girls at course were keen to snap some up. The photo above shows how good they were at getting my numbers down! Now I sound slightly less crazy when people ask me how many polishes I have (must be in the mid 200's), plus I managed to get some much-needed clothing with the cash I earned ☺. 

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Nail Polish Party ♥ PANZ Meet-up

So there's this amazing Facebook group that I joined a LONG time ago now, which is filled with Kiwi girls (and I think a couple guys) who love nail polish - it's called PANZ for short (NZ Polish Addicts). Those of us who are relatively active in the group are kind of like a big family, now, and we have meet-ups when possible and basically it's super awesome. 
LOVE it.

Anyway, so I went to one of these meet-ups a couple of weekends ago, and here's the vlog from it! This was the first time I had filmed a follow me vlog, so bear with me ;). Also, credit to my hilarious friend Hannah for making this video a lot more entertaining; as you'll see she took over during the party and made it far more entertaining...

I'm hoping to drag her into more videos so hit the subscribe video to see more ☺.

I can't wait until the next meet-up!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Easter Nail Art Tutorial | Bunnies & Eggs

I am SO in love with these cute little Easter nails! I first did them on my flatmate, then became obsessed with them and had to do them on myself - and make a tutorial. They'll be my only Easter nail art of 2014, unfortunately, but I have done others in the past - here, here and here. (That last one's particularly cool!).

Here's the tutorial! Please subscribe!

Here are the links to the videos I mentioned in this one:

Friday, 11 April 2014

Michaela's Nails; Engagement, Christmas, Cats & Fashion ♥

Every few weeks, I do my flatmate Michaela's nails. I normally just put a photo of them on Facebook or Instagram, but recently I realised the pictures were starting to stack up, and I might as well make a blog post out of them. So here they are! Some date back to Christmas (betcha can't guess which ones they are) while others are only a week old.

First up I have some nails I did when she got engaged - this was only about a month ago, and I'm going to be a bridesmaid so it's still pretty new and exciting ☺. I think these would make nice wedding nails, too - simple but a little bit special too!

These next ones were done around Christmas time, and are based off my Christmas tree nail art tutorial. I love these trees!

The cuticles (well, eponychiums to be correct) here are a mess, so don't look too closely...
 Michaela and I have very similar looking cats (although they hate each other) so we painted her cat, Lewy, on her nails, along with a blue-white gradient. Kind of cute!

And lastly, here are some nails I painted to match her dress last weekend. She actually ended up wearing a different dress but they matched the other one perfectly too ☺.

 I'll be doing a nail school diaries update this weekend - I've got too much going on and feel like I've been slacking so much with my blog! It's been pretty fun though, lately - my whole life is nails!

Let me know which of these designs is your favourite!

Monday, 7 April 2014

Lego Nail Art | Roadworks

I really like doing complicated nail designs. I've always enjoyed art and I love the challenge of trying to get really fine details on my nails, so I do something crazy every now and again. These are the latest super-detailed nails!

This design came about after a discussion at nail school about my roadcone-orange nail polish. Roadcones led to roadworks, led to diggers, little men, and I eventually made them lego men! They tie in (kind of) with the new lego movie,which I am yet to see but looks pretty awesome. I filmed the process of doing these, so here you go. Please subscribe!

Here's the right hand. It always shocks me a little when the nails I painted with my non-dominant hand turns out better! I really like this one - although I screwed up that machine he's driving; I removed the back window which means the driver wouldn't be able to see/control the digger half. How impractical.
But they're lego nails. Practicality is moot.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

I'm Training as a Nail Tech - Why?

In a perfect world I'd have a nice long, descriptive blog post to go along with this video, but I really just don't have the time at the moment. My life has gotten a lot busier since January and it's all I can do to keep the basics of social media up-to-date! It only just occurred to me that slowly my focus is becoming less on my blog, and more on my YouTube channel. I just really enjoy the filming! Of course I won't be dropping my blog any time soon, and there will always be things on here that won't make it to YouTube.

Anyway, choosing to train as a nail tech wasn't the obvious choice that you'd think. It took a long time and lots of thinking to decide to commit, and in this video I explain why. Hopefully it'll help others in the same position - even if it's for another career. I think it's so important to do what you love!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Foot Fetishes, Anxiety, Heart Surgery & Serial Killers | 30 Facts About Me

Bit of an unusual video today! I almost didn't put this one up, as when I went to edit it I realised that 
a) I had mascara on my eyelid
b) I repeated a fact or two from my TMI video, and 
c) I was in SUCH a hyper mood! 
I re-filmed it the next day when I was filming two other videos, but when reviewing the footage the first lot was a lot more entertaining to watch. So, here it is, messed up make up and all...

Hope you enjoy it! I'm about to upload my lego nail art tutorial - it's quite detailed work so keep an eye out for it here ☺.