Taylor Swift - Blank Space | Nail Art Tutorial

 Today I've got some crazy nails to show you - very much for a true Swiftie! I've loved Taylor Swift ever since I heard "Love Story" back in high school, and was so excited for 1989 to come out. I've now got an embarrassingly high play count of that album on my itunes (triple digits...), it's just so good! I've previously done Shake It Off nails, when her first single from 1989 came out, and you can see them here. I watched the music video to Blank Space recently and though it was hilarious and very clever, so decided I'd have to recreate it on my nails. Here's a collage of the nails I did - you'll see that one hand is "Loved Up Taylor" and the other hand is "Psycho Taylor."

It was really tricky to decide what to do for this tutorial, and in hindsight I probably wouldn't have filmed it, and instead gone into more detail. I had to re-do about 4 nails because I changed my mind on the design, so it got really frustrating! I was pretty happy with what I came up with in the end, though, and I particularly like the dress and tuxedo on the "Loved Up" hand. Here's the tutorial for it. I'm so close to 10,000 subscribers now!

I refer to a few different videos in this one, so I'll make a little list of them here.
- Full tutorial for my leopard print nail art
- Full tutorial for the fire nail art (Catching Fire)
- How to cut your nail art brushes down
- How to paint your nails using your non-dominant hand
- Where I buy my stainless steel palette
- Where I buy my brushes
- Where I buy my dotting tools

Here's a couple of shots of the "Psycho Taylor" hand.

And here's what each nail was inspired by:
Thumb - "Or it's gonna go down in flames" (lyrics)
Index - "Rose garden filled with thorns" (lyrics)
Middle - "Rose garden filled with thorns" (lyrics)
Ring - Gold glitter, it just suited the hand better.
Pinky - Leopard print top that Taylor wears during her meltdown (music video)

Here's a few shots of the "Loved Up Taylor" hand.

And here's the inspiration:
Thumb - Heart carved in tree (music video)
Index - Taylor's dress in an early scene (music video)
Middle - Tuxedo that Sean wears (music video) 
Ring - Silver glitter, just because it's pretty and classy.
Pinky - Roses for love + "rose garden filled with thorns" (lyrics)

I was very set on highlighting the contrasts in this music video; which is why I did such different designs on each hand. I love creating nail art that tells a story!

I used a LOT of nail polish for this design! Here's the list of brands and names.

Essie - Fifth Avenue
Essie - Shearling Darling
Jordana - Mellow Yellow
Jordana - Rich Green
Maybelline - Silver Gleam
Mode - VIP
Nicole by OPI - Carrie'd Away
Nicole by OPI - Sheer Fun
OPI - You Don't Know Jacques!
Picture Polish - Beige
Revlon - Alluring Amber
Revlon - Black Lingerie
Sinful Colors - Envy
Sinful Colors  - Snow Me White

I hope you like these Taylor Swift nails! I'm eagerly awaiting the next music video from her latest album - I really hope it's for New Romantics, Style, Wonderland or Clean - those are my favourites ♥.

Let me know what nail(s) are your fav from this manicure, I'd be interested to know!


  1. they are so cute and well done. i love it!! jajaja

    i also love new taylor swift album! i love her voice.


    The Instabeauty89 universe


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