The Block NZ - Nail Art

I'm not a TV person. I'm an internet person. I saw a meme somewhere around that internet the other day that wrapped up my feelings perfectly...

I'd say more like 10.

It just doesn't entice me. I like to have control. On the internet you can manipulate things and find something completely different and interact with it... Our six-year-old TV with a handful of channels just doesn't cut it.

So when I sat down a while ago, after a long few days and watched the first episode of The Block NZ, I was shocked when I got completely hooked. Before long I had chosen a favourite team, dissected each couple's personalities and watched eagerly as each room came together.

It's on four days a week. FOUR DAYS A WEEK. Why do I have to love this one!? 
My friend thinks The Block NZ is a bit ridiculous because there's product placement left right and centre, and you can't walk a hundred metres in town without seeing some kind of advertisement. Strangely enough, that's kind of what I like about it. We're Kiwis. We don't have big Hollywood budgets to spend on reality TV, we rely on sponsors, and sponsors have to get their money's worth. So if I see Alex and Corban's faces on every Kiwibank ad for four months, if Bunning's is the word on everyone's lips, and if New World is the only supermarket the teams will touch, that's okay, as long as I get my program. Plus, New World's my friend, anyway!

I go for a walk with my Dad every Thursday (it's super cute) and I always end up talking about The Block "omg did you see what Ben and Quinn did" "Alex and Corban have got it down!"  He suggested mid-ramble that The Block should be on my nail agenda. I was a bit hesitant at first - I don't want to look like a complete suck up, especially as I just did my Little Shop nails. But it didn't take long for the seed to grow, and a few days later I sat down and did these.

I did them when I had just an hour's gap between catching up with friends, so I was pretty proud! I think it took 45 minutes all up to do these and photograph them, which isn't bad for me.

What is bad, though, are the photos. You can tell that I was in a rush - almost every one was blurred, (loving my camera from 2007...) so sorry about the average quality of some of them.

I know that doing nail art like this, with a very small target audience isn't the best for blog/YouTube stats... but I couldn't help it. It's my fav. I wanted to. 

I had a pretty cool surprise not long after I posted these to Instagram though - Maree from The Block followed me! (Second favourite team - I'm all "I want to be like Alex when I grow up" but also "I think Maree and I would be BFF's because we're both very excitable"). I was pretty stoked.

I'm currently hunting down ways to get to the final auction. It's my new goal. I've entered this comp where you win flights, a night at a fancy hotel, dinner AND $1000 of New World vouchers (yes please) and am constantly on the look out for new ways to get there. 

My current thoughts are:
  • Bribing them by promising to re-paint these on the day
  • Whining and begging and crying
  • Hitching a ride to Auckland and watching from a nearby rooftop
  • Sending Peter Wolfcamp lots of chocolate and nail polish (oh wait, that only works with me...)

I'm out. Any other ideas you guys can throw my way would be great.

Hope you like these nails!


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