Katy Perry Nails - Dark Horse

My latest nail art tutorial is based on the music video for Dark Horse. It's such a bright, colourful video and there's so much to chose from when it comes to making a nail design from it! I explain what inspired each nail in the video below, and here's how the nails turned out.

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The nail polishes I used for these Katy Perry nails are:
China Glaze - Turned Up Turquoise
Model's Own - HyperGel Blue Glint
Nicole by OPI - Carrie'd Away
Nicole by OPI - City-Pretty Rose
Nicole by OPI - Please Red-Cycle
Revlon - Black Lingerie
Sally Hansen - Himalayan Blue
Sally Hansen - Without A Stitch

If you want to learn more about to place this gold diamond glitter, check out this video all about it.

Katy's so fierce in this video. It's the only word for it. So badass and challenging and fiery! Love the scene at the very end (shown in the tutorial video).

Alright, that's me. I'm absolutely exhausted; can barely keep my eyes open and I know that once I get through this phase I'll enter the "over-tired" phase... which will lead to long, nonsense-filled sentences. And that's no fun, hubby knows all about that! Uh-oh, I think it's already started. 

Hope you like this Dark Horse nail art!


  1. Your pointer finger nail and your pinky finger nail are perfect, but I also love the nails with glitter... I love playing with glitters, the result is always worth the effort! :-)


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