How To Grow Your Nails Long & Strong!

Hey everyone! This video is quite exciting for me - it's a compilation of so much information I've learnt over the last 2 1/2 years. As you'll know, I'm obsessed with nails. Like... completely. I don't know what made me gravitate so heavily towards this, but all I know if that I have an unquenchable thirst to learn more and more, and to continually improve my skills and knowledge. Naturally, this means I've spend a lot of time since working on my own nails and learning how to bring get them up to optimal condition. And I've worked it out! (Well, that nail tech course sure taught me a lot too ☺). They used to be flaky and weak with heaps of hang nails, but I gotta say, now they're pretty damn beautiful.

 However, of course my nails weren't always so long and strong, so this video is choc-a-block full of info. When I went to edit it I just about fainted - I had almost an hour and a half of footage! Thankfully, after cutting it down I managed to condense it into 20 minutes - which yes, is long, but if you were only to ever watch one of my videos ever, this is the one I would most recommend.

This went live on Friday, and I've been absolutely blown away by the 100% positive feedback I've received so far. So cool. And phew, because I spent a LOT of time on this video and it would have sucked if everyone hated it! Hope you enjoy it, and please support me by subscribing to my channel ☺.

Here's a shot of my right hand - check out those fractures in my index and middle fingers! In the video I explain why I see that as a good thing.

And here's a final shot of my long nails. I hope you find this video helpful, and feel ready to take on your own nail growth challenge!


  1. What a helpful video this was! Thanks!

  2. Literally heading to the chemist after work for cuticle oil. This was so great!

  3. Your blog is nice, helpful and easy to follow. I also have learned a lot in my natural, healthy nail journey. Good luck in your nail journey and career!


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