New World Little Shop | Nail Art Tutorial

New Zealand is obsessed with Little Shop... and for a good reason, it is ADORABLE! Little Shop is a promotion run by New World supermarkets, where every $40 you spend you get a Little Shop toy. Spend $80, get two,  $120, get three. I've found it's a) made me change supermarkets and, b) made me spend more money at the checkout (we're $5 away from getting two! Grab some gum!). So maybe not so great for my wallet, but seriously, they are COOL. I'll show you some pics of the little toys shortly, but first here are the nails I did that were inspired by them.

I was really happy with how the thumb turned out! Here's the tutorial for this design - and please subscribe to my channel.

As you can see, Little Shop is a bunch of common household goods, miniaturised. And really well, too - it's like someone got a shrink ray and zapped them; the detail is amazing! Ingredient lists, barcodes, logos and the rest are all perfect. Kids love them!

Here are the Little Shop toys that inspired this manicure; Tip Top ice cream, Keri orange juice, Marmite spread and Surf washing powder. The first three are actually from last year's collection. I really hope they bring it back next year; this year's lot is almost finished and I've only got about eight out of forty, eek!

My flatmate Michaela, however, has had various family members collecting for her and she has all but one. Look at them all - they're so cute! My favourites are the hard ones that feel pretty tough - Marmite, the Jam... things like that.

Here are a few more snaps of these Little Shop nails.

I hope you like these nails inspired by Little Shop! If you're in New Zealand and collecting, how many do you have? Which ones are your favourite?


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