Ice Bucket Challenge | Feat. my Mum and Sister!

I was recently nominated by both Kelsie from Kelsie's Nail Files and Bridgette from Eyedolize Makeup to do the Ice Bucket Challenge. I was SO not keen! I considered flat out refusing to do it (when I was nominated it was winter... and I'm a wimp), but decided in the end that I would do it my own way - donating to a cause that was important to me and deciding to pay the same amount ($50) whether I went through with the challenge or not. I posted on Facebook about it, not thinking it'd get enough support for me to do it, but it ended up getting well over the 150 likes that I'd made as a requirement to do it. FanTAStic.

Turns out it wasn't half as bad as I thought it would be - yes it was cold, but it's just temporary and we had mum and dad's spa pool right there - perfect! It was a heap of fun, a great chance to spend some time with my family and I'm really glad I did it now ☺. My donation to Endometriosis NZ was paid last week. If you want to read more about my sort-of experience with Endometriosis you can do so here.

Hope you like the video! As you'll see, my mum and sister did it too - and my mum is quite hilarious!


  1. Hi Jessie, it's a great gesture on your part to donate to a cause that is meaningful to YOU. I went back in time on your blog and read the original post about endometriosis -- I'm so sorry you went through all that. You can't really understand unless you've been through something similar in terms of a medical crises. How are you doing now??? And thanks so much for your blog. I never miss it and I enjoy it, and your sense of humor, a lot! =)

    1. I'm much better now, thanks! 80-90% gone, phew. Thanks so much for following, I always read and love your comments!


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