Hand-Placed Glitter - Stained Glass Window Nail Art

I've never experimented much with hand-placed glitter - it was thrown  into the "too hard" box early-on in my nail career, along with stamping and (deep breaths) striping tape. However, recently I decided to give it another try, thanks to the arrival of this rainbow coloured diamond glitter from Born Pretty Store. Safe to say, I'm so glad I did!

I'm still completely captivated by these nails. Stained glass windows, LGBT pride, glitter galore, snakeskin... call them what you want, I love 'em! I actually just did one nail first, off camera, too see how much it would try my patience. Surprisingly, it was a 100% positive experience, so I decided to do the rest of my hand, and make a tutorial for it this time!

Here it is - and please subscribe to my channel ♥.

Before I show you more photos of the nails, I thought I'd give you a few shots of the glitter. I only used the rainbow pot (how could you NOT, it's AMAZING), but I was also sent the silver and gold. They're all very holographic (photo's can't capture it properly!) and absolutely gorgeous. Mind-blowing. I can see myself doing hand-placed glitter nail art a LOT more now, after this experience!

Just look at all those colours!

Here's the first manicure I did, with just the one nail covered. I stared at it non-stop for the next three days, marvelling at how it picked up every shred of light and reflected it into rainbow-y goodness. I HAD to do more!

And so more I did. And I was in love. Absolutely besotted. Yes, not every line is straight and they don't squeeze in perfectly, but they're just so bright and happy! I'm happier just looking at them!

In case you're wondering and haven't watched the video yet, the polishes I used for this nail art were just Essie's "Grow Stronger" base coat and "Good To Go" top coat, as well as "Sin City" by Australis.

All the glitters, as mentioned earlier, were from Born Pretty Store;
The rainbow glitter can be bought here.
The silver and gold glitter can be bought here.
The wax pencil (shown in the tutorial) can be bought here.

And make sure you use the code CEL91 to get 10% off at Born Pretty Store. They're completely legit, I buy from them all the time and every single one of my dozens of orders over the years have turned up. Free worldwide shipping, too!

I hope you like how this turned out, and found the tutorial helpful! Which reminds me, I got my first actual mean comment on YouTube today! I won't bother repeating it, but it made me a little sad that there's people out there who have nothing to do but call people names on YouTube. How miserable and cynical must they be?
You know what they need? RAINBOW GLITTER NAILS.

I did feel a bit like I'd "made it" though. I had decided long ago that the first time I got "hate" or more appropriately, cyber-bullied on YouTube it meant that my channel was getting somewhere. So... Yay!? ☺

Hope you're having a lovely day.

The glitter used in this blog post and video were provided to me for honest review by Born Pretty Store. As always, all opinions are my own.


  1. These look awesome! I wouldn't have had the patience to do them.

  2. Jessie, yes, just ignore the troll who made the negative comments to you. I had never been active online, anonymously or publicly, until I began reading nail polish blogs where 99% of the contributors are pleasant and positive. That inspired me to step out of my comfort zone a bit and begin to have an online presence since the nail polish community is so kind. I think we ALL would be much better off with rainbow glitter nails, too, by the way!!

  3. Great! I understand you when you said that you HAD to do more! Beautiful rainbow glitter manicure, it's so cheerful! :-)


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