Floral Nail Art Tutorial | Pagan Marie Boutique

Subtlety is not my thing, but I've been wanting to do some more "classy" nail art for a while. I'll always love my brights, but it was time for a challenge! So when the lovely Pagan of Pagan Marie let me choose a dress to inspire a tutorial, I went with one with a dark floral pattern - and painted these nails to match.

Pagan Marie is a boutique in Christchurch, here in New Zealand. They sell the coolest clothes, accessories and makeup, and are celebrating their second birthday at the moment! SO many good sales!

Of course, no nail art is complete without a tutorial, and here it is. Please subscribe to my channel ☺.

Before I continue, I need to apologise in advance for the shocking poses of me in the dress. I deleted most of them, but if I deleted ALL I wouldn't have any photos left. I will never be a model...

This one's okay, at least! As you can see, I did feature nails on my thumb and ring finger, and painted my other nails with other prominent colours that feature in the dress.

Quick, Jessie, what's a good pose? Look your best! 
Peter... Pan?

As I said, no model material here. My background skills could do with some work, too! Try to look past the infinite amount of errors here (I blame the photographer - hubby) and see the dress. It's such a beautiful pattern! I'm a big fan of florals. The dress is by Lioness and I'm wearing a size 10.

It is a bit on the short side for me though (I'm 171cm tall) and would probably better suit girls who are smaller in the hips than me- my hips have an approximate measurement of three football fields.

This dress is out of stock at the moment, but there are so many more amazing dresses and other items of clothing at Pagan Marie, I've purchased from them several times in the past. The first time I was a bit nervous - you know when you order something online and you just don't know what the quality will be like? That was me. When it did arrive though, I was absolutely stunned at the quality, and haven't been disappointed yet! I wore another one of their dresses in this video.

Better yet, there are some fantastic sales constantly running - I'm drooling over some of their $40 and below pieces!

Here's another couple of shots of the nails.

The polishes I used were:
Essie - Madison Ave-hue
Essie - Shearling Darling
Revlon - Powder Puff
Revlon - Black Lingerie
Sinful Colors - Snow Me White
OPI - Uh-oh, Roll Down the Window
Nicole by OPI - Please Red Cycle
Nicole by OPI - Daffy Dill

Here's the right hand! It kind of turned out better, actually. Slightly annoying, as I filmed the tutorial showing the other hand.

Hope you liked this fashion-inspired nail art! I'll leave some handy links to Pagan's shop underneath this last picture.

Pagan Marie

You can use my discount code, NAILEDIT for 10% off at Pagan Marie ☺.
One last thing - free shipping in New Zealand! Also ships internationally. Be good... or don't.

I've got SO much to post right now, so I'll be back tomorrow with another blog post. Lots of beautiful swatches to show you!

The dress shown in this blog post and video was provided to me by Pagan Marie NZ Boutique. As always, all opinions are completely honest and my own.


  1. Great inspiration! You recreated it so well on the nails too.

  2. Jessie, you look great in that (short!) dress and your nail art interpretation is wonderful, too. The colors are nice with your skin tone and hair color! I love fashion-inspired posts so thank you for providing one!

  3. Nice dress and beautiful floral manicure! :-)


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