Bright Chevron Nail Art Tutorial | Nicole By OPI

I love this bright design! It was one of my first attempts at negative space nail art, and I must say, I'm quite a fan. When I first saw it I thought it was a bit strange, but now I like it - it's unique and classy.

Well, maybe the bright colours mean this particular design is more "out-there" than classy - I'm loving it either way!

Here's the tutorial, and please subscribe to my channel!

I put together this little photo montage of the colours I used in this tutorial. The polishes were:

Nicole by OPI - Sheer Fun
Nicole by OPI - Daffy Dill
Nicole by OPI - Oh That's Just Grape!
Nicole by OPI - Please Red-Cycle
Nicole by OPI - City-Pretty Rose

I just love Daffy Dill, the lime green one.

This is one of the in-between stages of creating this design - but I thought it looked really cool! I might do these again for Easter and add some little chickens as well.

Here are some more pictures of the final look. I love chevron nail art!

I've swatched all the polishes used in this post (and others that I received) - you can see them all in the reviewing post here.

Hope you liked the tutorial!

The nail polishes in this post were provided to me for honest review by Essie New Zealand.


  1. These are fun! Reminds me that I haven't done chevrons in a while too.

  2. Love these! And you look amazing in the intro...your hair and makeup are perfect!

  3. Great design Jessie! I really like the colour combination and the tutorial is great too! I love negative space nails so I might just have to give this design a go! I love your new blog layout and logo/header too! :)


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