Star Kin Nail Polish | Review & Swatches

If you're a New Zealand polish lover than you may have heard of Star Kin. It's a beautiful indie brand made here in New Zealand by a lovely lady called Ami! All the polishes she makes can be found on Etsy and are very reasonably priced. She also makes the most delicious smelling cuticle oil I have ever found - and being a well-established nail fanatic I have tried a few! A friend showed me hers, and it immediately led to me purchasing about 20 "cuti-cuddles" to sell in my home studio... and one for me. I might actually do a whole post about them sometime, they really are quite incredible.

Ami was kind enough to send me a bunch of her polishes to swatch and review!

I'll start with my favourite. With Grape Delight is absolutely gorgeous. It's a deep grape purple with a holographic shimmer that really perfects it. This is three coats of the polish and I am SUCH a fan.

Isn't is stunning?

A close second for me, is Blue Suede Shoes. It's hands down the best base to galaxy nail art I've ever seen - I had to resist making a full-on nail art design out of this when I was swatching it! It's packed with iridescent glitter, holo shimmer and is just beautiful. This is 2-3 coats.

This next one is very aptly names Gingernuts & Tea. It's different than any other polish I own and I love the fact that it's so subtle, yet unique. The orange glitter looks great against the nude base, and there is some beautiful holographic shimmer in there as well. Three coats nicely covered the whites of my nails.

This next one I struggled with a little bit. It's called Softly, and that's kind of how it applies. It look 3-4 coats to get it to this level of opacity. However, I should try using it as a top coat, not a polish by itself. If I do this I'll make sure I get an updated picture! It's also more green than it looks in the picture, and their are tiny purple shimmers and microflakes in it. I've checked with Ami of Star Kin and apparently if it was any more opaque the shimmers wouldn't show properly :).

This last one is quite unique - it changes shade depending on the temperature! It's part of a duo, called Jonquil and Floral. This one is Jonquil, and this is when it's warm. It's got black speckles throughout it.

This is the polish when it's colder.

And this is it with Floral over the top! I absolutely LOVE Floral, and have another nail art design coming soon where I've layered it over black - it looks stunning!

If you're in New Zealand and would like to check out Star Kin nail polish, see the Etsy shop here. There are always new polishes being added and removed, so you get a much more unique polish than the more mainstream brands.

Star Kin nail polishes are 5-free. Ami thoroughly researches all her ingredients and carefully hand-makes them. They're not tested on animals and are made from pigment, base, mica and glitter. More information about individual polishes can be found in each polish's listing.

Hope you like these pretties, and if you have any Star Kin polishes I'd love to see them! Feel free to post the link to any reviews/swatches you've done for them in the comments (ignore the rule about no link-spamming for this post ☺).

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  1. These are some pretty colors. I love that glitter at the end!


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