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If you're into nail art and haven't experimented with nail foils yet... you're missing out. There are so many different designs out there and they add something that you just can't achieve with nail polish! The holographic look you see in many of them is amazing, I just love it. I've done heaps of nail art with foils before (see them all here), and today I decided to try out a few new foils sent to me by Born Pretty Store.

Here's what I ended up with!

These ones are a little different to the previous ones I've reviewed. They're bigger, for a start, and the patterns on them resemble nail art instead of a plain holographic colour. I'm not sure if I'm comfortable with this change... I found the leopard print one in particular quite hard to work with and had to paint over the bits that didn't work out as well afterwards, which kind of defeats the purpose. Using nail foils is quite an imprecise art, so mixing it with nail art - which is the opposite, is a bit of a risk. 

The egg shell-like one was interesting. I was going to try work it into this manicure, but let's be honest, it's busy enough already. I would like to try it over a white polish some day though - I feel there's potential to be explored there. The middle one that you see below was my absolute favourite. It applied really easily and even when you didn't get the pattern off in a single press, it was adaptable enough to still look cool with multiple presses! 

In case you don't know the process involved in applying nail foils to your natural nails, here's a tutorial I made a few weeks ago that you might find helpful.  Please subscribe to my channel ☺.

Here's the glue I used for applying the foils - I'm pretty sure it's just PVA. I talk about the different options in the video, and of course, you can apply foils over gel polish as well.

I love how pretty these look all laid out! Check out the sparkles on the middle one!

I would love to try the leopard print foil on white gel polish. Gel polish is amazing for foils - there's no messy glue to worry about, you just use the tacky layer. SO much easier! I think there's more chance the pattern would come off smoothly and therefore could be an easy option for quick nail art or for people who aren't too comfortable doing it free-hand. I'll let you know if I try this out!

If you're wanting to buy some nail foils, I recommend getting a few plain colours and maybe one or two patterns. Then you can experiment and see what you like best. Again, I love love love the black and silver one I used here!

You can buy all of these (and more) from Born Pretty Store, here for $2.88 US each. They have free worldwide shipping, and really good prices, I've bought and reviewed from them for years! I have a discount code you can use to get 10% off - CEL91.

Hope you found this review helpful! And don't forget to check out my previous nail art with foils - here!

*This product was provided to me for honest review by Born Pretty Store*


  1. Those are some fun nail foils!

  2. I think it's great that nail foils come with nail art on them now! The design you created is really unique and I love both of the foils you've used! I cannot wait to see the nail are you create with the egg-shell foil! :)

  3. I can't seem to get the hang of nail foils but I'm definitely going to keep trying because I love this look so much!


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