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Today I've got the most gorgeous water decals to show you! They're from Born Pretty Store and I just love how they turned out. In this blog post I'll also do a mini-tutorial for how I apply them - and I'll make a note to do a YouTube tutorial about it sometime as well!

Here's the finished look.

The packet I used for this design was middle one in the top row. I haven't used the others yet, but am hoping to try them out soon! If you want to purchase the other decals, you can find the feather ones here, lace ones here and cat ones (I can't wait to do something with these!) here.

I've used water decals plenty of times before, but normally the designs are lots of small ones - like the cats or feathers, not a whole sheet. Since these ones cover the whole nail I guess it's best to have it this way though, as there is a huge variation in nail sizes.

First I painted my nails black, and while they were drying I cut nail-sized pieces from the sheet. You can cover every nail with these or just make a couple of feature nails - up to you. I did find that with me, the maximum amount of pieces I could cut from it were eight - which would leave two nails bare if I were to do both hands. I'm sure with some creative cutting it'd be better, and I do have large nails... but it's something to bear in mind.

For the next bit you'll need a hair dryer (mine's a bit past it's best-before date!) and a cup of water. The cup looks a bit dirty, but it's just paint-stained - the water's fine (Kiwi logic right there!). Take a piece of decal, remove the plastic protective layer, and dip it into the water. In cold water, try around 30 seconds, in warm, 10-20.

Then remove it from the water and peel/slide the decal off the backing paper. There are two sides to these decals, so make sure that you do remove it from the backing! If you press it straight on to the nail it won't look pretty...

It's just look something like this. It can be a bit fiddly taking it off, but you'll get the hang of it after you've done one or two.

Carefully layer the water decal over your nail. Press it down. It's not sticky - you need to use the hairdryer to properly apply it, but this is to get it in position. There may be a few crinkles, but the hairdryer tends to shrink those out.

Cut the excess decal off from the bottom of the nail. You don't need to be too pedantic about this - don't go cutting your nail! Then just use the hairdryer on the "cool" setting to dry the decal. You'll see it shrink and fit better on to the nail. The leftover decal is easily removed with a cotton tip dipped in nail polish remover, and a small brush will clean up around the cuticles. I also used this trick to smooth and remove excess from the free edge. 

Apply a top coat and you're done!

I think these are just beautiful, and can't wait to try out the other ones. Keep an eye out on my Instagram and Facebook for them!

If you want to purchase some of these water decals, you can do so from Born Pretty Store, here. They're $1.99 US and there are four different designs to choose from. The store has worldwide free shipping, too! You can also use my discount code, CEL91 for 10% off your purchase. 

Hope you like these nails! Such an easy way to have an amazing design on your fingertips. I have a big giveaway from this store coming soon, so look out for that!


*This product was provided to me for honest review by Born Pretty Store*


  1. They look amazing! I love their water decals.

  2. These decals are so pretty! The tutorial is really useful too - I've ordered some nail decals from the BPS so when they come I'll definitely be following your tutorial for application! :)


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