Water Marble Nail Art Tutorial | Essie Nail Polish

A while ago Essie New Zealand was kind enough to send me an amazing package, with heaps of beautiful nail polish colours! After I stopped squealing and dancing around the house like a lunatic, I laid them all out, took a picture and started planning what I was going to create with them. I used After School Boy Blazer in this daisy design, but this water marble tutorial has a lot more of their gorgeous colours in it. 

I used:
After School Boy Blazer
Naughty Nautical
Bikini So Teeny
Parka Perfect
First Base (Base Coat)
Good To Go (Top Coat)
As well as a Kleancolor white.

If you've tried water marbling, chances are you'll agree than it can be well, a bit of a b****. The polish sets too quickly, it doesn't set at all, the colours don't show up properly, you spill the water all over the place, or worst of all, the polish doesn't spread! I've had to deal with all of these problems in the past and these three words are very important; new, good polish. CR polish from the $2 shop isn't going to cut it. If you're on a budget you could try Jordana - still cheap but I have had some success with that. I've had the most success, however, with decent brands that have a thinner consistency. Invest in some nail polish thinner, as well, and never use nail polish remover as a replacement for it! Thinner will thin out the polish (hooray for Captain Obvious) and make it much more suitable for water marbling. If you have some of this you won't have to buy four new polishes every time you want to water marble. I have two thinners at the moment - one by Orly, and Seche Restore. Both are great.

Having the right polish is important, but there are many other tips I've learnt over the years. All are included in this video. Please subscribe to my channel, and I hope you like the video!

My last water marble video was about a year ago, and somehow became my most popular video to date (although Frozen is catching up). You can watch it here (warning, my hair is more hideous than normal and my awkwardness reaches a whole new level... I love it). There are a few different tips in that one, some that I've now dismissed as they aren't relevant to me, eg. filtered water - I find it makes little difference now. It might be different in other countries though, depending on the chemicals in the water. Experiment ☺.

Here's a shot of all the things I used, bar the little brush I used to fix up the polish mistakes.

I really, really love the water marble look. It looks even better when you add more too it - dots, designs, nail art. Here are some past water marbling posts I've done:

You can't call me a quitter :P.

Hope you liked this post and these nails! I'm itching to do my nails again now - I'm trying out my new gel polish but haven't the same design on for TWO WHOLE WEEKS is torture to me. Can't handle.



  1. I love how your water marble nails turned out!

  2. No matter how many tutorials I read/watch, I can still only make it work 1 out of 10 (or more) times... So I love seeing when other people can do it! Great marble!

  3. Jessie, thanks for providing all this great information! Your nails are lovely. Like you, I also enjoy enhanced water marbles, like when some glitter or a few metallic dots are added. I've never tried them myself, being intimidated by such a challenge!

  4. These look great! I love the colour combination! The tutorial was really useful too and thank you for the tips! I have yet to try water marble nails but when I do I'll definitely be watching your tutorials beforehand! :)


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