Sugar Skull Nail Art

It's always a pleasant surprise when I find out I've still got a couple of designs left to post! I thought I'd be really scraping the bottom of the barrel this week, but I realised I had a few cool designs left - watermarked and everything (although I must apologize for the crazy watermarking - I was experimenting!).

I did these last month, and love them SO much. I know I do a lot of nail art, and therefore people often assume that I'm "into" all these different themes, but I do have my favourites. This is one of them!

Skittle manis are the best; there's so much to look at, plus you don't get bored of doing the same thing while you're painting. As you can see, I did three gold studs on my thumb, over white polish. The index finger was a bunch of triangles and the middle was a plain matte colour. The ring finger's a sugar skull (love them!) and the pinky was a mess of glequins!

Here's a shot of both hands.

And another close up of just the right!

Hope you like this design! I did heaps of filming and editing this weekend just been and can't wait to show you some new designs ☺.


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