How To Use Nail Foils | Easy and Unique!

 Wow! A post that isn't a whole week after my last one! It almost looks like I have my life together! Seriously though, this is pretty good. And I can't wait to show everyone my home salon, it's looking so cool!

I've used nail foils a few times in the past, and normally it's a bit of a struggle trying to get the foils to stick. I'd often end up with the polish coming off the nail, the foil not sticking, glue all through my cuticles... or all three. However I've FINALLY figured out the best way to do it (it's really not that hard) and now I love it. I decided to make a video about it, partially to teach others and partially so I can remind myself what to do if I forget again!

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Hope you like it! Below are a bunch of photos of this design.

If you want to buy some foils like this, you can find them at KKCenterHk here, and Born Pretty Store here. Use "naileditnz" as a discount code for the former, and "CEL91" for the latter - both give 10% off.

I also have done this with different coloured foils, check out these blog posts!

Aren't they a cool design? Love it!


  1. Great tutorial, it's really useful! I love the sound of teal,blue and silver foil together too! I think I definitely need to buy some foils now! :)

  2. These turned out amazing! I have some nail foils I have yet to use so I really need to get them out and use them now.


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