Zig-Zags, Glitter and One HUGE Rhinestone | BPS Review

First off, I'm not sure if "rhinestone" is the correct term for this monster. I imagine there is a better term out there - please let me know in comments if you know it! Since starting my nail tech training I've realised that I have SO much to learn about nails, and the things we put on them.

Born Pretty Store sent me this "rhinestone" (I'll call it that for now) to review a while ago, and this is the design I came up with to go with it.

New watermark - what do you think?

In case you don't know, Born Pretty Store is an online store that has just about anything you need to go about your daily life - seriously. I normally just review nail art supplies from there, and I have found them for the most part, fantastic. And cheap! So cheap. Free shipping is good that way ☺.

So, on to the stone. It chose it just to try something a little different - I haven't reviewed any of these full-nail gems before. I knew I wouldn't be able to use it in the way you would in salons (you'll need something a bit stronger than clear polish to stick this baby on) but I figured it'd be a good way to have a look, see what I think of it and show you guys.

Personally, it's not my style, at least for everyday wear. Too big and in-the-way. It'd catch on clothing and generally be a tad excessive. Then again, I know other people love these things (and I have worn a similar one properly before, here) but I prefer my 3D decorations smaller.

In saying that, it's pretty cool. It's really good quality, feels strong, durable and well-made. It's very sparkly and pretty and would be good for a special occasion.

A problem I have with these things though, is that they are rarely curved to lay flush to the natural nail bed. There are those awkward gaps on the edges that you need to fill with liquid and powder, or gel in order to keep it secure.

The design without the rhinestone on ☺.

At the moment (16 May 2014) this is for sale on Born Pretty Store here for $1.99, but is normally $2.49. Below I also have a discount code, to give you an extra 10% off. I think when I have my own salon I will keep a dozen or so of these handy, in case my client wants them. I'd be sure to charge a little extra to make up for the extra cost though - 3D nail art isn't free and it's important that you don't go backwards!

The polishes I used in this manicure were:
Jordana - Black
Jordana Pop Art - Black Mark, Contemporary White
OPI - Did you 'ear about Van Gogh?
Orly - Rocker Chick
Revlon - No Shrinking Violet

Right hand!

So in summary, these aren't top of my list of favourite nail art products, but I think they're good to have available. That's it from me! You may have noticed my posts have been a bit sporadic lately, and I'm trying to fix that. It appears that I may have overloaded myself too much - I have a LOT going on! I'm making plans on how to reduce the workload on and off-line though, and trying to prioritise. I will enjoy the mini-break Chris and I are going on next weekend! 

*This product was provided to me for honest review by Born Pretty Store*


  1. This is a fun manicure especially with that big stud :)

  2. Cute combination of polishes! I think the giant rhinestones are usually called nail shields, if that helps!

  3. "Nail jewelry", perhaps?

    The fact that a lot of 3D nail art bits and baubles aren't curved frustrates me too. However, I think there are a couple reasons for it. First of all, not everyone's nails are curved the same, so having it come curved could potentially mean it would be impossible for some girls to use the decoration because it won't fit. The other reason I can think of is that having it be flat on the bottom means that you don't HAVE to place it straight down the middle of the nail... you could turn it at an angle, or put it somewhere else (obviously not with this one because it's just too big, but you get what I mean, right?). I don't know if either of those are the reason these types of things are flat on the bottom, but it's the only guesses I've got.

    btw, sorry, but I'm not a fan of the new watermark. :\ It works fine on the banner at the top of the page, but for some reason on the nail art pics it just feels strange. I think it might be the color... I feel like if you're going to use a logo as a watermark, since it's going to be so visible, it should be mostly black and white so a) it won't distract too much from the subject of the picture and b) it's a "color scheme" that goes with everything, so it won't look like it's clashing. But I dunno, that's just me. The other issue I have with it is that it's VERY easy to crop it out, which could mean more people stealing your pictures and either posting them elsewhere without any credit or, even worse, claiming them as their own.

    So... that's my two cents on the watermark/logo change. I know I'm just some random reader, so I dunno how much my opinion matters, but you did ask, so... :P You DID get me thinking about the watermark I use on my pictures, though... it's lazy and plain and boring and doesn't even remotely match the theme of my blog. Maybe it's about time I try changing it... so thanks for the inspiration there!

    1. Thanks for your comment!! Good point about the flat design of the nail sheilds (that term sounds right).
      To be honest I completely agree with you regarding the watermark, I'm finding it hard to get a design that works across the pictures AND social media. I'm planning on doing a complete re-design soon though, so maybe I'll work it out then!

  4. Wow it's certainly chunky! looks good tho and I like the manicure!

  5. Great design! Your freehand zig zags are just amazing Jessie! I agree with you about the huge rhinestone-stud - it's not for me either, it's too big! I'm so happy you chose the coloured watermark - it was my favourite from the 3 you put on Facebook! It's so different to other watermarks and stands out! :)

    1. I'm glad you like it!! It can be really hard to decide!


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