New Zealand Road Trip | My Beautiful Country

Chris and I went on a Road Trip! We figured it was a good chance to film a bit of the New Zealand landscape, so here you go - and please subscribe to my YouTube channel!

As you can see, there were a couple of dumb bits about our journey. We were pretty poor at the time of going, too, and weren't sure if it was really worth it... but we got to Hamilton, shook off our bad moods about the ticket and loss of $$$ and ended up having a really good time. The guy Chris met was absolutely awesome, he taught the degree he's starting next year and gave him SO many tips for both study and getting into the industry! Invaluable information. Then a week or so after getting home, Chris got a second job, so the money situation worked itself out. Phew!

Hope you like seeing a bit of my country, and sorry about the bumpy footage!


  1. Aaw this made me remember my trip to NZ.. Such a beautiful country! Especially the Forgotten World Highway :D


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