Ginger Tabby Cat Nail Art Tutorial

More cat lady nails! These will be the last ones for a while though; they are quite highly requested but it seems that only a small group of people actually watch these videos - the view counts are lower than usual for this one and the last one. That's the problem with doing requested designs - sometimes they only cater to a small group! I still enjoyed creating them though.

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The polishes I used for this design were:
Jordana - Sweet Orange, White, 5th Ave, Rich Green
Jordana Pop Art - Contemporary White
Revlon - Hot for Chocolate, Temptress
Sally Hansen - Without a Stitch, Himalayan Blue (I've added white to this polish though)

These nails remind me of my parent's cats - they have two twin gingers and they are just a tad adorable - see?

It almost looks liked they've been photoshopped - same position and everything!

I've been a bit slack at updating my blog lately. We're currently in a bit of an adjustment period at home - Chris just got a second job and I'm back at nail school, plus I've had a lot more training at the salon I'll be working in. All good things, but it's meant our schedules are all over the place! Hopefully we'll get into a better routine soon.

On another note, I'm pretty sure my mum had one of her best mother's days to date yesterday. It all just went really well, my family got together and had a relaxing lunch outside in the sun, then chatted for ages afterwards. We all did little things to show our appreciation and I think she really liked it. 
Hope you guys had a good weekend too!


  1. The cats are so cute and look happy on your nails. And your folks cats look nice too :-)


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