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Hey everyone! As you may know, in recent months I've started reviewing other products - not just nail supplies. It's been interesting! 

Banggood contacted me, and I chose three items of clothing. I was pretty impressed at the website layout and shipping invoice; it was all very professional and only took about 2 1/2 weeks to arrive (good, considering it had to get to New Zealand). When it comes to the clothing received, it was a mixture of good and bad, which I'll go into soon. 

And of course, to keep it relevant, I did some nail art to match this skirt!

Let me know if you want a tutorial for them!

More photos of the nails at the end of this post!

Right, so the clothes. Banggood (what a name!) definitely falls into the category of what is commonly known as "cheap Asian online shops." I've reviewed clothing from a similar shop before, here, and have more items ready to review from another. I'm not sure how long I'll continue reviewing from these types of places, as it is a bit "hit and miss..." However, I figure that if I put reviews up, helps others people know what is worth buying. You can good some good deals at places like Banggood! But it can be pretty hard to know what to get, unless you read an unbiased review *puts hand up.*

I'll go for the best first. I LOVE this skirt. Absolutely adore it. It's actually got loose "skorts" underneath in a sheer fabric (which is why you're not going to see a photo, haha) which is quite handy for those windy days.

On product page for this skirt (there are heaps of different colours too) you can see the measurements and check if it'll fit you (it's one size). I'm 5'8", weigh about 67kg and am wearing a size M, if that helps.

There are tiny children trapped in my knees.

I think this skirt falls at a really nice height for me, it fits perfectly and I've already worn it heaps! I've been teaming it with boots and leggings though, as it is SO chilly here at the moment. Best of all, it's only $4.99 US at the moment, which is a complete steal. I think it's normally $7.27 though. Either way, I have a discount code if you want to snap one up - you'll get 18% off if you put in the word "skirts" when you're checking out. For a bit of a comparison, I'd be quite happy to pay $25-30 for this skirt here in New Zealand. I think it's just beautiful.

The only negative thing about this was that the belt it came with was ridiculously small. It JUST fitted around my waist, so I can still use it as a waist belt... but don't get your hopes up about it fitting. It's clearly a one-size-fits-all.

In summary, I love this and in summer I'll probably go buy another three of them. It's perfect.
You can buy it here.

The next one was less positive; it took a while to find a product that was in stock which took a bit of emailing back-and-forth. I don't know why I chose red in the end, I don't really like it as a colour! The thing that disappointed me about this top was that some of the stitching was coming undone from the top, as you can see below.

I know it's not a big deal to fix, but it was a bit disappointing considering it's brand new. It doesn't feel terribly durable material either. On the other hand, you do get what you pay for. It's only $4.89 US at the moment and if you put in the code "TankTP" you'll get a further 20% off. Buy it here ☺.

Excuse the slightly-awkward shot below - I'm still getting used to this photo thing - but this is to show the detailing on the back. It is very pretty, the crochet look is quite nice ☺. I think I would have liked this a lot more if it was in black, to be honest. 

I also found it a little loose around the middle, but my weight goes straight to my hips, not tummy so it's not unusual for clothing to sit like that. Just something to bear in mind if you have a similar body type.

Oh look! More awkward photos, how fun.
This one was interesting. It's Zanzea brand, and I was very excited about getting it. When I first pulled it out of the package I was relatively happy with it, however, after trying it on and wearing it a few times I was disappointed.

One, it varies quite a lot from the advertised picture. You can view the picture here and product page here. I mean, I know they're itty bitty asian ladies and I'm a bit ol' kiwi girl but if you compare where the pattern sits on the jumper it's simply different. I assume they use the same size print across the sizes, but it's a bit misleading in the picture. Two, the SLEEVES! Or lack of them. They're full length in the advertisement picture but barely make it halfway down my arm. My arms aren't that long! And three, it's very lightweight, weak, and wouldn't keep you warm. It's so thin that I have to wear a white, plain top underneath otherwise it could be seen through the fabric. It's also a little small... I got a size M, and should have gone for L - but according to the sizing guide the M should have fit.

You can click on any of these pictures to make them bigger, by the way.

This jumper is $15.11 and with the discount code "11824e" you get 5% off. To be honest, it's not worth it. Ouch. But you can buy it here.

So yeah, this was cute, and I might base a nail design on it one day, but it isn't a great jumper.

Again, though, this doesn't mean the shop is a write-off. They were professional, have safe payment methods (Paypal!), cheap products and free shipping (at least to some countries). I'm just here to tell what things are worth buying (skirt skirt skirt! I actually might go buy one now. Or three) and what are not.


In summary, if you want to buy the flowery skirt, go here. 
It's $4.99 and use "skirts" to get 20 % discount (expires 12 June 2014)

If you want to buy the red top, go here. 
It's $4.89 and use "TankTP" to get 18% discount (expires August 8 2014)

If you want to buy the jumper, go here. 
It's $15.11 and use "11824e" to get 5% discount (expires August 31 2014).


I feel I should emphasise more that this shop has free shipping to New Zealand, which is kind of completely awesome. I love shops that do that SO much, because sometimes getting items shipped here doubles the price! There can be a cost for other countries, though, so check that out before you commit to buy.

Moving on to the nails (yup, this is a big post). I matched them to the skirt, and love the way they turned out. It's quite an imprecise design, with irregular shapes and random splotches of colour. Made it much easier to do! And floral print is just so cute...

Hope you guys found this post useful! As I said earlier, it is a bit hit-and-miss with these kinds of shops, but hopefully my reviews will help separate out the good and bad things, so you can make an informed decision. I do really, really love that skirt and will wear it forever and a day.

My previous clothing review can be found here. Also, would you be interested in a YouTube video/haul about these kinds of stores? I could show you all the stuff I've got, try it on and basically do what I've done here, but with heaps more things. Let me know ☺.

Although I just realised I don't actually have any Chanel nail polish. Sad.


  1. Cute pieces you picked. I love the skirt!

  2. Ha! When I first saw your new phone case, my immediate thought was 'Dude, that is one massive bottle of nail polish!'. It's a good thing you said it was a phone case... Also, your nails are awesome and that skirt looks amazing on you! :)



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