Nail Polish Party ♥ PANZ Meet-up

So there's this amazing Facebook group that I joined a LONG time ago now, which is filled with Kiwi girls (and I think a couple guys) who love nail polish - it's called PANZ for short (NZ Polish Addicts). Those of us who are relatively active in the group are kind of like a big family, now, and we have meet-ups when possible and basically it's super awesome. 
LOVE it.

Anyway, so I went to one of these meet-ups a couple of weekends ago, and here's the vlog from it! This was the first time I had filmed a follow me vlog, so bear with me ;). Also, credit to my hilarious friend Hannah for making this video a lot more entertaining; as you'll see she took over during the party and made it far more entertaining...

I'm hoping to drag her into more videos so hit the subscribe video to see more ☺.

I can't wait until the next meet-up!


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