Michaela's Nails; Engagement, Christmas, Cats & Fashion ♥

Every few weeks, I do my flatmate Michaela's nails. I normally just put a photo of them on Facebook or Instagram, but recently I realised the pictures were starting to stack up, and I might as well make a blog post out of them. So here they are! Some date back to Christmas (betcha can't guess which ones they are) while others are only a week old.

First up I have some nails I did when she got engaged - this was only about a month ago, and I'm going to be a bridesmaid so it's still pretty new and exciting ☺. I think these would make nice wedding nails, too - simple but a little bit special too!

These next ones were done around Christmas time, and are based off my Christmas tree nail art tutorial. I love these trees!

The cuticles (well, eponychiums to be correct) here are a mess, so don't look too closely...
 Michaela and I have very similar looking cats (although they hate each other) so we painted her cat, Lewy, on her nails, along with a blue-white gradient. Kind of cute!

And lastly, here are some nails I painted to match her dress last weekend. She actually ended up wearing a different dress but they matched the other one perfectly too ☺.

 I'll be doing a nail school diaries update this weekend - I've got too much going on and feel like I've been slacking so much with my blog! It's been pretty fun though, lately - my whole life is nails!

Let me know which of these designs is your favourite!


  1. All of these designs look great! Your flatmate is so lucky to have you do her nails! I think my favourite design is the engagement nails - the accent nail is so pretty! :)


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