The Happy Meal Challenge ft. Chris

I almost didn't upload this, I didn't really like how the challenge went. It was kinda dumb, we just felt gross afterwards and it was over too quickly. Buuuut the overall vote on Facebook and Instagram was that I should upload it anyway, so here you are! I prepared myself for tonnes of dislikes, but it hasn't ended up that way at all, which was a nice surprise! Let me know what you think of it. 
And, of course, I couldn't post a video without reminding you to subscribe!

The nail art seen in this video now has a tutorial up on my channel as well. It's brand new so I haven't promoted it anywhere yet, so consider this something of a sneak peek (ooh how exclusive, haha). Just click on the picture below to go to it ☺.

Alright, off to do more editing! I was meant to work today but wasn't feeling flash, keep having bouts of coughing and now I'm fighting off a headache. I figured I had better use my extra day wisely and organise blog/YouTube stuff for the next week - thankfully my head's clear enough!


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