I Support Marriage Equality ♥ Valentines Nail Art Tutorial

I never really know how much of myself to reveal in my blog. After all, it's a nail art blog; not based on politics, human rights or even my own life. I feel I need to apologise if I deviate too far from what's expected, especially in my YouTube videos. However, not for this. I am proud to support marriage equality and I will rant about it as much as I like!

Like far too many people, growing up I was told that being gay is unnatural and wrong. Fortunately, I have a habit of asking "why" and quickly figured out that love is love, no matter what the gender. I balled my eyes out when gay marriage was legalised in New Zealand. I watched it all unfold on Parliament TV and loved all the speeches - well, expect Winston Peter's one and one or two haters. It ended up being a landslide victory and I have never been prouder of my country! 

I was thinking about Scotland's legalisation (or is it decriminalisation?) of same-sex marriage while doing these nails and it led to me giving them a rainbow theme. I've seen gay rights nails, I've seen rainbow nails and we all have seen quite enough Valentines nails... but I haven't ever seen any Valentines nails celebrating homosexual love! So here's my tutorial for these nails - and don't forget to hit that "subscribe" button if you haven't already!

 Nail polish used:
Ozotic - Mr Big in White
Jordana Pop Art - Express in Yellow
Jordana Pop Art - Black Mark
Jordana Pop Art - Blue Abstract
Australis - Hip Hip Hooray
OPI - Greenwich Village
Revlon - Alluring Amber
LA Colors Art Deco - Wild Fuchsia
Unbranded bright pink nail art polish

Here's the other hand. As you can see there's also a bit of patchwork thrown into this theme as well! It kind of just happened.

Well, I hope you like today's nail art and the theme! I didn't even rant too much - I have to save some for my next equality-related post, right? Can't wait to show you my anti-valentines nails. I didn't want to go straight into "hating love" so did something a bit different... haha, you can see a sneak peek here.


  1. The nail art is awesome ! and what you think too is awesome :)


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