Two-Polish Nails - Khaki and Black | Trip Down Nail Art Lane Day 2

It's day two of the "Trip down nail art lane" challenge, hosted by Moonshine and Sunlight, and today's prompt is "with your last purchased polish of 2013 and first of 2014." Well, I couldn't actually do this strictly by the rules as I've been very good and not bought any polish this year. So I went with the two most recent polishes I purchased; here they are.

They are Jordana 'Black' and OPI (wait for it...) 'Uh-oh roll down the window.' The person who names OPI polishes is either a genius or an eight year old. I love the colour though - I don't have any others even close to it!

This is the design I ended up with. As you can see I painted a bunch of crazy zig-zags on my index and ring fingers and a pointy half-moon design on my middle one. On my thumb and pinky I did simple gradients.

Not my favourite manicure, but considering what I had to work with I think I did okay. I can't wait to show you tomorrow's design!

If you're doing today's challenge don't forget to enter your link into Moonshine and Sunlight's post here, and check out her design!


  1. I have the Jordonna black and love it. But do you also get it drawing black lines if it rubs against paper?? (When its dry)

    1. Only if I don't have a top coat on, I think!


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