Orange Nail Art | Trip Down Nail Art Lane Day 3

It's day three of the challenge I'm doing! Today's prompt is "with a favourite colour of your best friend." My best friend is my husband (as cheesy as it sounds) so I chose his favourite colour, orange! Then I sat there thinking "what's orange?" I could have just one a bunch of patterns like I did yesterday but I find that so boring. And I've recently done tiger nails, although they're not up on my blog yet. And well, as you can see, my genius solution was to literally paint oranges on my nails.

I actually really like them. I searched "cartoon orange" so I could see what looked best, and ended up styling my nails after this picture. Chelsea Queen does a lot of cool nail art involving fruit and I've always been meaning to join in; now I have!

My orange in the above photo looks a bit yellow though - either that or the polish was a bit red. Here are the nail polishes I used;

Jordana - Sweet Orange
Revlon - Alluring Amber
OPI - A roll In The Hague
OPI - Greenwich Village
OPI - Suzi Loves Cowboys

On a unrelated note; I saw Frozen yesterday! Absolutely loved it, and so nice to watch a Disney movie which isn't all about finding a prince. Don't get me wrong, I love my husband to bits and got married young, but we were together three years before we tied the knot and we knew each other inside out. I wonder how different women would think if every movie they watched as a kid wasn't focused on "getting a man" and living happily ever after...

Anyway, hope you like these nails! I'm off horse-trekking with my sister today, hopefully the horse doesn't lose it's shoe like the last time and freak me out!


  1. They look adorable! I like your interpretation of the theme :)

  2. Jessie, this is just EPIC!! it's brilliant, it actually looks like nail wraps it's so good. Wow xx

  3. These are so realistic! I love it! It's sound like Frozen was a really good film! My little sister went to see it and she liked it too, I might just have to go and see it! :)

  4. these look great! Frozen was really good, my kids love it :)


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