Nail Foils | Trip Down Nail Art Lane Day 5

In April last year I reviewed these foils and absolutely loved them! They're so unique, and once you know how to stick them on they're really easy to apply. Unfortunately, shortly after posting the review I completely forgot how I did it. This led to a LOT of frustration and ruined nails, and I swore off attempting them again for a while. However, the prompt for day 5 of the Trip Down Nail Art Lane challenge is "recreate your favourite nail art." I don't really have a favourite (at least not one that will take under three hours to do), but I really love this look so I chose the foils. And it was about then that I realised that the reason they hadn't been working was because I hadn't been using glue -_-. 

You see, sometimes people apply them straight on to still-tacky nail polish - something I haven't had much luck with. I didn't mention glue in my last review but I have a feeling that I did use it, just forgot and posted the review too late to remember. Fail. Anyway, so problem solved. There was still the trouble of waiting for the glue (cheap nail glue from Ebay) to dry to the right stage, but I managed to get the hang of it - I'll do a YouTube tutorial sometime for it. I was quite amused when I compared the photos of my last attempt to this one - they're near identical! The above picture is my current manicure... and below is the old one.

The only differences are the shape of my nails and that the newer one has foils in smaller patches... haha. If you're wondering where I got these foils from, they were from Born Pretty Store, check out the link here. I have #3, #6 and #10. I had been planning to buy more, but due to my pouting at it not working I haven't - now I've figured it out I need to change this!

Here's the other hand. By the way, I still did mess up a couple of nails so used some black nail polish and a tiny brush to separate out parts of the nail that looked too crowded. I also added some dots. It's my sneaky way of making it look better than it is! After it was all dry I just sealed it all with a top coat. Oh, and spent most of the day picking at the dry glue that was all over my hands - it took a long time for my hands to be photo-ready!

Hope you like today's nails, and don't forget to go check out what Moonshine and Sunlight has done for day five ☺.


  1. OH! it is 17th already! Time difference ! Would love to see the video
    I really don't know how to work with these foils :(

    1. Yeah I always seem to be ahead in challenges, due to where I live! I just ordered some more foils so I'll do a tutorial when they arrive.

  2. Just amaing.. NOTD is super grgs.. <3


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