Leopard Print Nail Foils | KKCenterHk Review

I'm really keen on nail foils lately! They're so cool and stay on for ages! Here are some that KKCenterHK sent me to review - aren't they the coolest colours?

As you can see here, it's a big long roll of foil with leopard print and an ombre background. This means you can have heaps of varied tones in your manicure.

To apply these, first paint your nails with a dark background - I chose black. Wait for it to dry completely (best to use a quick-dry top coat). Next brush the glue over your nail - it can be provided with the foil, as you can see at the bottom of this page. I'm a bit dumb and didn't realise my glue was glue (I thought it was stamping polish, haha, that was messy) so didn't get a chance to test it. I assume it works fine though, it's just glue. Wait until the glue has dried a bit - not completely, it still needs to be tacky. Then press a bit of foil on to your nail (quite hard, and face up), then rip it off. It should leave some foil on it. Repeat until you've got the look your after! 

Foils are SO COOL! I just ordered two more colours, I want them to arrive NOW!

If you want to buy some of these, I got mine from KKCenterHk. You can find these exact ones here, and other colours here. Put in the code "naileditnz" at checkout to get 10% off ☺

Hope this was useful and you like my nails!

*This product was provided to me for honest review by KKCenterHk*


  1. These foils look so great! I've never tried foils before but I think I'm gonna have to buy some now! :)


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