Effie Trinket "Hunger Hearts" Nail Tutorial

I finally have another nail tutorial up on YouTube! I've been so busy pumping out reviews that I've been neglecting it. This one is for these Hunger Hearts nails that I did a while ago - see here. They're inspired by Effie Trinket from the Hunger Games - they're bright and crazy!

Here's the tutorial.

The colours I used for this design are:
Jordana - Lavender Fields
China Glaze - Grape Pop

 If you follow me regularly you may know that I have very strong opinions about the Hunger Games and how it reflects the world we live in. I loved Catching Fire, but when I got home I felt so ashamed that I was the Capitol; I have all these extravagant things while others are starving. However, my friend has recently moved to England and apparently, NO, New Zealand is not the real-life equivalent of the Capitol. Apparently everyone in London has the most insane hairstyles and make-up, and they sell things like lettuces shrunk to the size of chestnuts! Is anyone reading this from London, and can confirm/deny this? It sounds so weird! I have now decided that New Zealand is District 2. I can handle that ;).

Anywho, I hope you like these nails and my tutorial. It's the last one of me with blonde hair - I recently dyed it a reddish brown. At home, too, my hairdresser's going to kill me, haha. I'm still getting used to it, and I don't think it suits me as much as blonde but I can't really afford going to the hairdressers as much as I used to; plus I'm going to give my hair a break. I'll probably let it grow out it's natural colour after my new colours fades.

Question; do you like this version of these nails or the old one better?


  1. What a lovely manicure for valentine's day!! I loved the gradient and the little hearts in light purple.
    Just amazing <3


  2. these are awesome love the glitter hearts!! perfect for valentine's day ! ans not mushy too :D

  3. Great tutorial! I might just have to try this! I live in England but not in London and I have never seen lettuces shrunk to the size of chestnuts before! Haha, maybe it's just a London thing.. :) I love both versions of this design, I love the different colours on the Effie Nail Art but I also love this all purple one because purple is my favourite colour! :)

  4. Gorgeous! Especially for valentine's... now only to grow my nails that long..

  5. I love those heart sequins!! Especially with the purple!! Wow!!
    I think maybe you're friend is thinking of brussel sprouts?? They kind of look like mini cabbages but they're natural!! And probably a lot of big cities are full of people with crazy hair and make-up, not just London :) Maybe the Hunger Games real life equivalent is all of these rich big 1st world cities?

    1. Nope, not brussel spouts, unfortunately we have those here! (I never liked them). Yeah, very true about the rich big first world cities :).


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