Disney Nail Art #4 - The Little Mermaid

It's fair to say that these are my favourite nails to date. I make an effort to hand-paint some detailed Disney nail art every month (or three) - it's just such a cute theme! I can't do them more regularly though, because the level of detail means that they take a long time. I started doing these around 1pm and they probably took a good four hours for both hands, if not longer. I actually added the final brushstrokes around 7pm, but I had stopped and started during this time so I had to guesstimate how long they took. A while, anyway!

As I said, I've done other Disney nails, as you can see here;
Beauty and the Beast nail art (my second favourite!)

Here's the other hand. I'm particularly proud of this, as it was painted with my left hand, and I am by no account ambidextrous!

Here's a photo of both hands together. This was taken on a different day and the lighting's a bit funny I'm afraid!

I got my inspiration from two pictures - you can see them compared to the nail art below. The nails look quite realistic and Ariel looks like herself, until you compare it to the original picture! 

Here's the first one; I found the inspiration here.

Here's the second one - I love Sebastian, I need to watch this movie again! Inspiration from here.

I considered adding in more characters, like I did for my Cinderella nails. However, in hindsight those nails were my least favourite of my Disney series because they were too overcrowded. Too many things to paint means less time for perfecting them, and it gets frustrating when you've been going for three hours in and the end still isn't in sight!

The only thing I'd change with these nails is making Flounder more visible - I remember him being a very cool character.

Here's a list of all the nail polish I used for this nail art.
China Glaze: Ingrid, Grape Pop.
Revlon: Colada Fizz, Metallic, Powder Puff, Midnight.
Jordana: Yellow Mellow, Tender Coral, Sweet Orange, White.
OPI: Gone Gonzai.
Nubar: Royal Blue.
Sally Hansen: Himalayan Blue, Without A Stitch.
Kleancolor: Catch Me.
Picture Polish: Water Melon.
Maybelline Color Show: Paint The Town.

The black outlines were done with acrylic paint, and there was obviously a lot of mixing of nail polish to get the right tones.

I'm planning to do Frozen next, and might actually do something of a tutorial of it on my YouTube channel. Subscribe here to keep an eye out for it ☺.


  1. these look amazing, I never compare my nails to the inspiration when Im done haha :) youre very talented.. :D

  2. Wow! They look fantastic. However, I'm still a fan of the Beauty and the Beast ones, although these come in a close second. :) I can't wait to see your Frozen ones though - I'm planning on doing some soon and I'm excited to see what you come up with!


  3. These are amazing and so detailed! I cannot believe you did this on both hands - you are so talented! I cannot wait to see your Frozen ones! :)

  4. OMG Jessie these are amazing!!!

  5. I also love to do Disney nail art :) Your nails turned out great, really like the result, it's awesome that you did the right hand, I am often lazy to do my right hand, so I did something easier on it. And I perfectly know that feeling when some character looks quite good until compared to the original photo :D

  6. I love this manicure! Perfectly done! :-) And I adore both of your hands! :-)


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