Disco Striping Tape Nails | Trip Down Nail Art Lane Day 6

It's the second-to-last day of the Trip Down Nail Art Lane challenge! Today's prompt is "a technique which you are not so perfect at." This one was easy; I hate striping tape! Every time I use it I end up screwing something up. If I leave it on the nail it gets annoying and I pull it off. If I pull it off (using it to make thin lines) I pull the nail polish off from underneath as well. Then there's all the cutting and time-consuming placement that goes along with it. I don't understand how people regularly do it. Same with exact glitter placement, too. But I'll do that another day I want to torture myself.

Today's nails didn't turn out too bad though. The tacky polish went a bit funny as I pulled it off, leaving a less-than-perfect finish, but this design is quite forgiving. Really simple too; just sponge a bunch of colours on a white base, apply tape, apply black polish and pull the tape off!

The nail polish I used are:
Jordana - Mellow Yellow
Jordana - Orangesicle
Jordana - Black
Jordana - White
Sally Hansen - Himalayan Blue (with a bit of white added)
Maybelline Color Show - Pinkalicious
OPI - Greenwich Village

You can buy striping tape here.

Little side story; I've worked as a relief teacher in Early Childhood for the last nine months. It's been an incredible experience; I've learnt so much about children, myself and human nature. There are many children who have earned themselves a special place in my heart and I know I will never forget them! If you watch my nail room tour you'll see that I keep a lot of their pictures in a clear-file so I have something to remember them by. I was working at a great centre today, and realised that it's probably one of my last shifts - I'm going to nail school in February and will be working in the nail industry soon. It was so bittersweet, realising this; I've had some really bad times - I had to work with the most awful woman for a long time, but once I left that centre it was nothing less than perfect. I've made some great friends among the staff and when I finished work today I felt such a sense of peace and completion. That one miserable, bitter woman didn't ruin it for me, she was just a challenge along the way. I smiled all the way home. I have never enjoyed a job as much as this one, and if I decide not to continue my nail career one day I have no doubts as to what I'll train in.

Back to nails now; look out for tomorrow's ones! They're probably my favourites of the challenge.
Hope you all have a great day ☺.


  1. love manicures like this. I did a similar one last year that was one of my favorites. This has inspired me to try it again!

  2. These look awesome, like rainbow lasers. Great minds think alike! I was going to do a black stripping tape design over rainbow stripes! hehe had a giggle to myself when I saw your post.. imagine if I had not changed my mind last minute to water spotting we would of had a other similar post! On a side note I am in my third year of training in Early Childhood and could not agree with you more! I am the opposite trained in ECE first then want to do nails after! anyway sorry for the rambling comment! another awesome post Jessie! :)

    1. Haha, almost had matching nails again! And casually matching careers in reverse - weird! Good luck with your training :).

  3. I love this! I know what you mean about striping tape, it's something I try to avoid! Aww, it's a shame you finished working at the school and that that women was awful! At least you're going to learn to be a nail tech though - you must be so excited! :)

    1. It's horrible stuff! Yeah it's okay though, all worked out well in the end, no regrets. I am, can't wait!


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