Charm Bracelet | 3D Nail Art

I used to love charm bracelets, friendship necklaces, everything like that when I was younger - and still  do now, to some extent. So when I went to review this box of nail art decorations from Born Pretty Store I decided to make a 3D bracelet out of them.

Here's the box - sorry about the crappy photo - I had to adjust it a lot on my computer, which left it a bit weird-looking. But it gives you an idea at least! There are five different boxes with different sequin-like decorations in them; I chose number 5. You can see the rest here.

The polishes I used for this manicure are:
OPI - You don't know Jacques!
Jordana - White
Literary Lacquers - Anne with an E

It was a surprisingly easy design to do in the end, and I think it looks really cute! The wee glitters/sequins/nail decorations (I'm not really sure what to call them, they're a mix of everything) were really easy to work with. I can't comment on how long they lasted on my nails I'm afraid - I did one design straight after this one so I could pump through my reviews! They're a cool thing to have around and the variety of decorations in the box means I'll be able to create many different manicures. There are approximately 1200 pieces in the box, 100 pieces of each. They're made out of plastic and there are 12 different colours. 

If you're interested in buying some of these you can find them here at Born Pretty Store, currently on sale for $3.63 US. They're a completely safe site and have free shipping which I love! I also have a coupon so you can get 10% off your order - just put in CEL91 when you go to pay.

This will be my last review for another week, most likely, as I'm starting a week-long challenge tomorrow ☺. Hope you like this nail art and have a great day!

*This product was provided to me for honest review by Born Pretty Store.*


  1. This is wonderful !! :D
    Love the charms ;)

  2. Jessie, this looks AMAZING!

  3. This is such a cute idea! I love it! :)

  4. These are so pretty, what a great idea :)

  5. Very creative idea and an interesting looking manicure, love it!


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