2013 Wrap-Up - My Favourite Nail Designs of 2013

I feel like there must be a proper tag or name for this post, but I can't think of what it is. If anyone knows, please let me know in the comments!

These are my favourite 10 manicures that I've done in 2013, in chronological order.

1. Tribal diva nail art, inspired by Robin Moses' tutorial. I love this design so much, I wish I had the creativity Robin has! You can see the blog post and tutorial here.

2. Aladdin nail art - this year I started doing some intricate Disney designs, and this was the first. I was quite happy with how it turned out! See the blog post about this here.

3. Continuing with the Disney theme; Beauty and the Beast! These are possibly my all-time favourite nails - I was very proud of how the beast turned out. You can see the thumb properly and my other hand (with Chip on it) here.

4. Water Marbled nails. I was mostly just happy with these because for the first time EVER they worked perfectly, and I just so happened to catch it on camera. Now everyone thinks I'm a water-marbling genius and I'm sitting here bumbling "well it was actually just this one time..." 
See the tutorial and blog post here.

5. Kiwi nails. The Kiwi is New Zealand's national bird so one day I painted it on my nails. I think he turned out pretty cute! See the post about this little guy (and how he turned out on the other hand) here.

6. Disney returns, this time with Cinderella! Now these ones were ridiculously complicated, the most intricate I've ever done. Go check out the other hand here!

7. Breast Cancer Awareness nails. I just like these for the sweet simplicity, while being pretty enough to support a good cause. Read more here.

8. The Hunger Games - Catching Fire nails. I love the Hunger Games - not just for the story but for the messages it sends. Honestly, I'm planning a Hunger Games tattoo, it's my third biggest passion (yes I number my passions). I did these nails when the new movie came out (omgitssogood), and made a tutorial as well. You can see it all here!

9. Kiwi Christmas nails. I like this for two reasons; one that it's decent nail art and two that it kind of represents my life right now. I've spent the last week at the beach and am going back soon for a few more days. Bliss. I did a tutorial for these too, see it all here.

 10. Christmas tree nail art. This was the design that kicked off the 12 days of Christmas nail art challenge and it was well-received! And it's pretty cute, so I decided it made it to the top 10 list. Tutorial and more pictures here.

 And that's it! One more post to go - summing up the 12 days of Christmas nail art challenge and I'll be back to normal posts. Until then, to the beach!


  1. So many gorgeous manicures here!

  2. I loved all the manicures that you posted today, I think that they are all beautiful and original :-) My favourite of these would be Kiwi nails, incredible result! :-) And yes, this water marble makes me think that you are a water marble genius (I'm in war with water-marbling...) :-)

  3. I love all of these! My two favvourites are the kiwi nails - I remember watching your tutorial for the Christmas kiwi and I just sat in awe because you made it look so simple! :)

  4. They are all really great but I do think my favorite is the Kiwi Christmas nails :)

  5. All of these posts are great! I think my favourite is the water marble - the colours work so well together! I love how detailed all of the designs are too - they are so intricate! :)


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