Monday, 30 September 2013

Disney Nail Art #3 - Cinderella!

I realised last night that I haven't really pushed myself with my nail art for months. It's been a lot of the same - leopard print, skittles, studs, etc. While that's all very nice and socially acceptable, sometimes I like to try something new and crazy. And so this was born!

I started a very relaxed series on Disney nail art earlier this year - the unwritten rule being that they had to be as detailed as I could manage. My first ones were Aladdin, which you can find here (holy crap my nails were long then!). The next were Beauty and the Beast, which you can find here. I think out of the three I've done so far I like Beauty and the Beast best; but I do think Cinderella was the hardest and that I did okay, considering. Instead of just showing a few characters from the movie I decided to go all out and try to tell the story on my nails. Roughly.

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Tutorials For Metallic Tiger Stripe Nails!

You may have noticed that I've been making tutorials out of my YouTube videos - I've done it to my rainbow and rose nails and now these ones! Hopefully it'll help spread the word about my YouTube. I don't have any problem with people not giving credit for these particular tutorials too, so share away! It's not like they're lacking in watermarks, haha. Just don't edit them!!

Hope you like them! You can find my YouTube here. Thanks to those who have subscribed lately - I'm over 1000 now, a huge milestone! Next goal, 10,000 ;).

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Glam Skittle Nail Art - With Studs From Born Pretty Store

I have some super sparkly & girly nails to show you today! I've already posted a sneak peek on Facebook and Instagram, but the proper pictures always look a little bit better. I was trying out some new studs from Born Pretty Store, and ended up with nails looking like this!

I kind of love them! This design reminded me of how much I like skittle nail art - it's so interesting to look at!

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Rainbow Nail Art - With Tutorials!

Another YouTube-turned-picture tutorial! I posted this rose one yesterday, in case you missed it. This tutorial was quite hard to screenshot - it was my very first YouTube tutorial and there was no regularity regarding placement of my fingers! I got there in the end though. Hope you like it!

Here's the YouTube version! Apologies for this video... it was made back in January and I knew even less of what I was doing than I do now! Please subscribe - I'm so close to 1000 subs!

Nail polishes I used:
CR - 58
Austalis - Hip Hip Hooray
Jordana - Sweet Orange
Jordana: Yellow Mellow
Art Deco - Bright Green
Essie - Mesmerized
Funky Fingers - Cheshire
Ultra3 - Purple Pumps

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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Fall/Autumn Nail Art - Open Roses (with tutorials!)

Now that I'm not working as much, I'm devoting a lot more time and effort to my blog and YouTube. I really want to make something out of this, especially as I'm going to do a Nail Technician course next year. I figured that one way to do it was to use something I hate to my best advantage... sneaky sneaky, Jessie! So, I hate when my pictures are stolen and go viral without credit. However, there have been times when this has been good - specifically for tutorials, as I label "check out Nailed it NZ" on Facebook on most of them. I'm assuming that's the reason why I'm coming up to 10,000 Facebook fans! So, I've decided to carefully (and painstakingly) make each of my YouTube tutorials into picture ones as well - but point the viewer straight to both my Facebook and YouTube! I think Robin Moses has the right idea - she watermarks all over her pictures telling people where to find her, and it works! She has 140,000 subscribers, and always increasing. For me, it might just be a colossal waste of time, but it's the best idea I have so I might as well give it a shot. Maybe it's not the best idea to reveal my marketing strategy, haha. But hey, if it works it might also help others and I pride myself on being an open and honest person, and therefore I want an open and honest blog.

Alright, moving on to the nail art! A few days ago I reviewed some studs for Born Pretty Store and in the process created some rather pretty roses - you can see that post here. I had a couple of requests for a tutorial so got straight to it! I uploaded the YouTube one last night, and created this picture tutorial this morning. 

Obviously the picture tutorials are very minimal compared to my normal ones, but that just gives people incentive to check out my YouTube tutorials. I try to keep all of those ones under five minutes long, most around the two minute mark. This is because I can't stand watching videos where they just talk and talk and talk for ages and take half an hour to show you something relatively simple! For beauty things anyway. For entertainment YouTube Channels it's much more about the individual person, so they can do whatever they want. Of course, that's just my opinion.

I forgot to take a photo of the nails I did for this tutorial after painting them... I still can't believe it, I never do that! I realised straight after wiping off the first one and was so annoyed at myself! Thankfully I had some screenshots that I could edit a little bit, but they're extremely poor quality... lame. Here are the "best" ones.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Nail art essentials - video with everything you need!

This is my most requested video - what are the tools you need for nail art? I ended up with 12 things crammed into two minutes and twelve seconds! Hope you like it!

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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Pink, Purple & Blue Rose Nail Art + Pastel Studs Review!

Hi everyone! Today I've got one of my new favourite designs to show you. I recently received these pastel studs to review for Born Pretty Store, and decided to do some pastel-themed nail art to match. As you can see, I went with roses! I've only done roses like this once before - it does take a while but I love the finished look.

These studs are just gorgeous! I never imagined having studs in colours beyond the basic gold and silver, but these are adorable! They're very small, too - just 2mm across. I prefer this; the big flat ones don't sit well on the natural rounded nail surface and come off easily.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Kiwi Bird Nail Art ♥ New Zealand proud!

As many of you would have figured out by now, I'm from New Zealand ♥. We're a little country in the South Pacific with four-and-a-half million people and 30 million sheep. It's a great place to live; very green, clean and beautiful. Our national bird is the Kiwi - it's funny looking creature, but still quite cute! You can see a picture of it plus some info here.

I was feeling rather patriotic yesterday, so decided to paint a national symbol on my nails. I've done this several times before - marmite, pohutukawas, pukekos, Auckland skyline and the NZ flag. This one time, the marmite nails even got me on TV and in the paper! I did some googling to see what had been done before but there wasn't a lot. I decided that the Kiwi needed to be properly introduced to my nails, so here we are.

It's a bit crowded-looking, I admit. If I do a YouTube tutorial for these I'll probably do a plain black background so the kiwi is more visible.

Both hands!

Saturday, 14 September 2013

"Then and Now" Metallic Tiger Stripes + Tutorial!

Time for some more diy nail art! I got a tutorial request for these tiger stripe nails I did AGES ago - back in May last year; my first month of nail art. I thought it'd be a good excuse to take a trip down memory lane, so I re-did them and created a tutorial for them on YouTube! Here's the new version of these nails...

And here's the tutorial! Getting quicker and quicker at these - This one's only a minute and a half long! I'm still having headphone/mic problems - my voice sounds weird. I'll keep working on it... 

Also, please subscribe to me on YouTube! I casually just dropped my full time job so I could have more time to develop my nail art/YouTube career and I need all the support I can get! I'm still working part time though - and training next year as a nail technician, can't wait!

Friday, 13 September 2013

Nail blogs with awesome names

 I'm a secret fan of puns, so it's no surprise that I used one in my own blog name. However, I've noticed that there are SO many better ones around, so I've collected them all and put them in this post so you can giggle along with me. They're not all puns, some I just think are cool names for a nail blog. So, in no particular order...

Legally Nailed
The Nailasaurus
Chalkboard Nails
Tara's Talons
One Nail to Rule them All
The Daily Nail
Seize the Nail
Nicole Gets Nailed  
The Holy Nail
Polish All The Nails
10 Blank Canvases

If any of these blogs are new to you, go visit them and subscribe!
There are probably heaps more out there like this, so go ahead and put the links in the comments - I won't delete them, promise!

On a side note, I think my modem's dying. My internet keeps going crazy - slow, fast, non-existant... However it could be because there are heaps of storms in different parts of New Zealand at the moment, maybe it's interfering. Bit annoying!

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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Nail addict meet up + gradient floral nails!

A month or so ago I went to a nail addict meet up in my town! It was so awesome and I met all these cool people that I hadn't met in person before :).

They were:
Gemma (doesn't have a blog - yet!)

I think that was everyone. I'm going to feel terrible if I missed anyone, but I think that's it! Plus me, of course, and seven sounds about right.

Here are the nails that I ended up with on the day!

I got my first Sinful Colors here too! Here's the beautifully messy table part way through. Most of us brought along a few polishes, to sell, giveaway or just show off.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Updated Nail Room Tour

 I've finally updated my nail room tour video! The room has changed quite a bit and I imagine my nail polish collection has grown too, so check it out! Also, my old room tour is in the same playlist so you can compare them. 

I'm going to film a nail tutorial as soon as the weather is a bit nicer for filming!

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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Burburry/Plaid Nail Art - With 3D Bows From KKcenterhk

Today I have some cute little plaid bows to review, and like the last bows I reviewed from KKcenterhk I decided to paint the bow pattern onto the rest of my nails. Love them! 

The polishes and items I used for this design are:
PiCture pOlish - Beige
Maybelline Color Show - Onyx Rush
Maybelline Color Show - Porcelain Party
Maybelline Color Show - Keep up the flame 
OPI - Suzi Loves Cowboys

Winner of my $20 BPS voucher giveaway!

Sorry I'm announcing this so late! I've been away for 10 days and am playing catch up. The winner of my giveaway is...

Congrats Amy! I'm about to email her and once she replies I'll give her the coupon code. Thanks to everyone who entered! I've got another giveaway starting soon too - a big one! Just waiting for all the stuff to arrive, so keep an eye out for it!

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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Drunken Nail Art!

So last night here at the Social Games house we had a party. Naturally, I decided it was a good time to try out drunken nail painting. Turns out it is FANTASTIC. No more explanation needed, just watch...

I'm so annoying and embarrassing but I really don't care ;).
Even better, I also painted two other people's nails. One was Haydn from Titanium (NZ boyband) and the other is a NZ radio presenter - both awesome people. WIN.

Don't forget to keep voting for me (Jessie) in the social games!! Just go here, log in through facebook and vote up or down the people you want. THANK YOU!

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Thursday, 5 September 2013


Super quick, but I really need your help! We're doing a challenge for the games I'm in, and the group with the most views on our YouTube video wins this challenge - please help us out and watch the video below!

Thanks so much!! I'll be back to nails soon, I promise! This is just my whole life right now!

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Boyfriend does my make-up!

As I've mentioned, I'm currently living in the Social Games house, 500km away from my family, friends and husband (oh wow, considering the name of this that sounds sus!). It's like Big Brother - we're constantly on camera and it's being streamed live to The Edge website. Yesterday we went bungy jumping and ate snails and that's just the beginning... Omg it is SO much fun though. I'm doing all of these things I never would have and I am LOVING IT! I don't want to go home but even if I do get eliminated soon I won't regret any of this. It's fantastic. Amazeballs. And really creepy as all my friends back home are watching my every move. Not even kidding, I'm eating cereal and someone will be like "enjoying that?" Stalkers!

Anyway me and a friend from the house did the "boyfriend does my make-up" tag on YouTube. Kinda awkward as I'm married but I'm sure people will get it, haha. I personally think it's hilarious. If it actually gets out there I know we'll get hate but I don't even care, THIS IS SO COOL!

PLEASE VOTE FOR JESSIE AND DYLAN!! Vote here! (Log in with Facebook - it's super easy)

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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Pink dotty nails - with flocking powder

Not going to lie - I am SO out of my comfort zone! Everyone else is much more loud, open and party-orientated. I'm missing Chris, but I'm not going to give up the first time I find it a bit challenging! I've decided to just be me and not worry about looking too boring - I've got a reputation online and offline to uphold and aren't going to change myself for the chance at some money. Jordan totally deserves to win anyway, he's hilarious! I'm going to paint mine and probably Mel's nails today so that'll be fun.
If you don't know what I'm talking about, go here and here.

 I was playing around with my flocking powder a while ago and came up with this design. I didn't love it, didn't hate it, but it was a bit different at least! I've never made dots with flocking powder before but I quite like it. They stayed on pretty well, but got a bit dirty after a couple of days so I took them all off.