Ocean Scene Nail Art Tutorial

Ocean scene nails! Or fish tank, or Nemo nails. Take your pick. 
I realised I had a couple of days spare between my Christmas designs, so finally finished editing this video and posted it to YouTube. Success!

I first did these nails about a year ago, in the last Christmas challenge. They were pretty popular and I really liked how they turned out, so naturally a tutorial was going to come eventually!

Here it is, I hope you like it! Please subscribe to my channel if you're not already ☺.

I was glad I managed to keep them pretty much the same as last time. The tails this time round were bigger but that's about it. I think Colada Fizz is the perfect top coat for this - it's subtle but not too subtle!

These are all the polishes I used:
Revlon - Colada Fizz
Sally Hansen - Himalayan Blue (but I added white to it awhile ago...)
Nubar - Royal Blue
LA Colors Art Deco - Limon
LA Colors Art Deco - Bright Green
Jordana Pop Art - Contemporary White
Jordana Pop Art - Edgy
Jordana Pop Art - Express in Yellow
Jordana Pop Art - Black Mark
M Eizilan - Silver
M Eizilan - White

This will hopefully be one of my last tutorials where I have no lighting set up. Next week my umbrellas, ring light and microphone will arrive - to say that I'm excited is a massive understatement!

And that's about it! Hope you like these nails ☺.