New Years/Fireworks Nail Art Tutorial | 12 Days of Christmas Nail Art Challenge

It's the last day of the 12 days of Christmas Nail Art Challenge! Wow, what a month. I've made 13 YouTube tutorials in the last 31 days - three-four times my usual amount, and I loved it! (Except for that last one...). I understand so much more about YouTube now, and am slowly figuring out my new lighting set up. Slowly. I may have to rearrange my entire room again but we'll get there eventually.

You may know that we've had heaps of people from around the world taking part in this challenge. I've been tagged in hundreds of photos which I've been uploading to this Facebook album of everyone's recreations. It's so cool! So I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who took part in it - we'll definitely have to do it again next year (but with a shorter title!).

Here's my final tutorial for the challenge - Fireworks! Please subscribe to my channel ☺.

Nail polish used:
Revlon - Metallic
Revlon - Golden Charm
Jordana - Black
Tip Top - Flute Shoot

I've got heaps of blogging to do in January! First I'm going to re-visit last year's blogging resolutions and make some new ones. Then I'll be revewing everything I've ignored all December. Yay for no more Christmas designs! I got very sick of them half way through (which led me to do Love Actually for one of the challenges), but didn't mind towards the end. One day I'll have to do a post of all my Christmas tutorials - I have so many now! In the meantime they're all on my tutorials page.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Happy New Year!! And thanks so much for hosting this challenge, it was a lot of fun!! :)

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for participating!


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