Beach Nail Art Tutorial

Back in May I entered a competition called Beauty and the Beach, and painted a beach scene on one nail. You can see that here. I decided to make a tutorial out of that one nail - unfortunately (as usual) I had completely forgotten how I had achieved the look the first time around! I remembered afterwards that I had actually used acrylic paint for it, which is why it was so well-blended. No worries, either way I ended up with these beach nails and a tutorial to go with it!

You can watch it here, and please subscribe!

I was pretty stoked that I managed to keep the video under two minutes! But less stoked that I still don't have a decent microphone. Should be able to get one in the semi-near future though, and it should help SO MUCH. Hate how quiet and generally average my current $20 one is.
I've actually had this video sitting around for a while waiting to be edited - we've been too busy moving and doing all kinds of other crazy things to get a break! Thankfully everything's all settled now - I even managed to film another tutorial today! I'll be putting that one up asap, I really like it.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial, and if you recreate it remember to post it to my Facebook wall or tag me @naileditnz on Instagram!


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