How To Paint Your Nails With Your Non-Dominant Hand

This post is just letting you know that I have a new video up on YouTube! Here's the beautiful design that I did for it...

Just kidding. It's clearly not a normal tutorial; it's one on how to paint your nails with your non-dominant hand! In my case, how to paint your right hand with your left. This was something I had a lot of trouble with when I first started nail art, so I made this little tutorial to help out nail art beginners. It shows how to position your hands to make it easier, as well as some other tips I've picked up along the way.

Here it is, and if you're not already, please subscribe :).

I hope you find it useful! My YouTube channel should become a whole lot more professional over the next couple of months - lighting, new microphone, back drop... Can't wait!


  1. It's true: practice makes perfect! :-) I usualy make my nail art creations on every nail of my left hand and only on accent nails of my right hand :-) Just for special occasions I try to do all my right hands nails properly :-)


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