How To Paint Your Nails Professionally

This video was surprisingly quick to edit! Half an hour, tops! And I think it'll be really helpful to those who want to clean up their nail painting job. I remember when I first watched a video on how to do this and it just opened my eyes so much. That was the point where my nail art dramatically changed quality. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find that video since, and all the others I've seen are quite long and drawn-out so I felt there was a need for a short, to-the-point one. Hope you like it!


  1. I hate cleaning up! :-) I try not to make my nails too "messy", especially when I use blue or some strong colour that is very difficult to clean... so, if I'm careful enough, after I've done my manicure and my nail art I usually leave my nails just like they are :-)


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