Four Nail Designs - The Great Gatsby, Hello Kitty (times two!) & Super Girly Nails.

I do my friend's nails every now and again, but always feel a bit at a loss as to when or how to publish them - together or separately? Today I realised I had a bunch of designs sitting in folders that had been there for months just waiting for me to do something. They were always back-ups, in case I randomly didn't want to paint my nails for a few weeks but still needed something to post. However, in the last 18 months this has not happened once (no surprises there) so I figured I might as well just post these nail designs in bulk. They're pretty cool ones too - my friends have some good ideas!

Dale came over with a few different pictures to try out. We ended up going for these Great Gatsby nails, inspired by So Nailicious! I didn't even think to look up a tutorial for it, and I really could have done with one because my lines were nowhere near as straight as the original. I found out afterwards, of course, that Maria (So Nailisicous) does have a tutorial for it - damn, too late! But at least I can share that with you, here.

Like most of these designs, I was planning on re-doing them on myself and doing a separate post for them. However as I've never actually seen The Great Gatsby I felt it'd be a bit of a rip-off if I did that without knowing anything about the inspiration. So here we are. I will watch it one day though, I've heard great things!

These ones are my favourite of the four, and were done on my friend Gen. She loves all things girly and had a couple of Hello Kitty bags with designs she wanted me to copy on to her nails. I really love how these turned out! So sweet and I love the pattern on the index finger!

These ones were also done on Gen, but were painted a few months earlier and it was the first time I had tried painting Hello Kitty. I still like them, but the more recent ones are blatantly 100% cooler. The bows on these nails are cute though!

Finally, these were done on the lovely Jaclyn, who wanted super-girly nails! So we REALLY went all out - glequins, bows, cupcakes, stripes and general overload of pink-ness. Ideal for little girls, or at least little girls at heart! These nails inspired my breast cancer nails, too.

Here's another photo so you can see the full design.

And that's it! I still have a few pictures of nail art done on my friends floating around my computer, but at least I've posted a few now. The ones left are those that I am determined to make tutorials out of. I'd be making one right now, but I'm trying to give my nails a few days break before going hard again in the weekend. Don't want them going yellow just before my exciting trip to Auckland to meet celebrity nail artist Leah Light!


  1. You have some great designs in here! I loved them all. ^^

  2. Great designs! :-) I like Great Gatsby manicure! :-)

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